Tell Microsoft Your HoloLens Idea Right Now

Microsoft will actually build the most "viable" idea.


Microsoft has launched a new website where anyone can submit an idea for a HoloLens app, with the company pledging to actually make the most viable app and then release the source code for free for everyone to tinker with.

"We believe the most incredible HoloLens apps will come out of ideas you imagine together," it said.

You can visit this website to share your idea through January 11, 2016. Given that HoloLens is not yet in the hands of anyone outside of Microsoft (development kits go out in 2016), Microsoft will work with the community on their ideas to help people understand what will work and what won't.

"We'll guide you through development aspects, identifying which concepts would best leverage HoloLens capabilities and be great use cases, and sharing with you how you could build them," Microsoft said. "Your ideas can grow and evolve based on feedback from the team and from the community."

Microsoft's development team will then determine the three "most viable" ideas and then put those up to a public vote on Twitter. The winning idea will be developed, and Microsoft will provide weekly updates and answer questions throughout the process. Once the project is complete, Microsoft will make the code open source so anyone can "start building from it," the company said.

Sorting by popularity, the overall top HoloLens idea so far (the website was only just put up on Tuesday) is for a hologram version of Halo's Cortana who you can talk to and get information from just like in the game. Another top idea is a hologram overlay to help people learn how to play piano and HoloChess, a holographic version of the game Chess. Yet another top-voted idea is for Microsoft to collaborate with Nintendo on a Pokemon Go-like holographic version of the iconic game.

In other recent HoloLens news, Microsoft has demonstrated Halo 5: Guardians streamed to the headset in a stunning video.

What ideas for HoloLens do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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