Tekki coming to North America?

The mech combat game from Capcom may make an appearance on North American Xboxes.


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GameSpot has learned that Capcom has plans to bring its Xbox mech combat game Tekki to North America. When asked to comment on Capcom's plans for the game, a Capcom representative said, "While we haven't confirmed this title, we are heavily in support of the advancements our Japanese R&D team is making, including the expertise and talent that it takes to make a game like Japan's Tekki."

Tekki is a mech combat game in which players take control of a type of mech known as a vertical tank. The vertical tank has a variety of weapons, including a 270mm rifle and an MK21-6 twin-pod rocket launcher. As players progress through the game, they will gain access to different models of vertical tanks. Tekki will also make use of a special controller that has around 40 buttons, switches, and dials, two flight sticks, and three pedals.

Tekki is scheduled for release in Japan this summer.

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