Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade bound

TGS 2010: Japanese-arcade-only sequel to dual character fighter confirmed for summer 2011 release; no confirmation of home console ports or international access.


TOKYO--The original Tekken Tag Tournament was one of the premium fighting games of its generation and was a big hit both in its original arcade form and later when the highly regarded PlayStation 2 version hit homes. Now, almost 10 years since its PS2 release, the popular fighting game is finally getting a sequel, simply titled Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

And they came in, two by two.
And they came in, two by two.

Series producer Katsuhiro Harada made the announcement at the Tougeki Space Battle Opera finals, a fighting game event held concurrently with the Tokyo Game Show. Harada showed a teaser trailer for the game to the Tougeki crowd--when the trailer first began, it simply looked like a regular Tekken 6-type match between Kazuya and Jin Kazama. Suddenly, Asuka Kazama tags in, which caused the Tougeki crowd to cheer as they realised a new Tag game was being unveiled. The trailer then showed a few rapid cutscenes of battle, and it seems that as well as featuring the fast character switching of the original, Tekken Tag Tournament will allow players to set up combos directly from tags.

And now for the bad news: Tekken Tag Tournament is confirmed for release only in arcades, and only in Japan. No confirmation was given as to whether the game will eventually make it to home consoles. The last Tekken game--Tekken 6--was released last year for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 over a year after the original iteration hit the arcades. Tekken 5, however, took a mere three months to make the transition, while Tekken 4 took almost a year.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is due out in Japanese arcades some time in the summer of 2011, according to the teaser trailer, with other regions to be confirmed. Keep it tuned to GameSpot for more news on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as it emerges.

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"And now for the bad news: Tekken Tag Tournament is confirmed for release only in arcades, and only in Japan". I'm so looking forward to my game console. Please make this game for the PC thanks.

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I'm fly to Japan. I'm still playing Bushido Blade on the PS one!

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Only in Japan? Rats...

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@supersonikk I've never noticed that. But oh well.

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I mean tag tournament

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loved tekken 1. hope 2 is as good as 1 (or better would be nice...)

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An offline coop scenario campaign would be good for this :) was it shame it wasn't in tekken 6. Can't wait for this to hit consoles

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@supersonikk Comparing a RPG full of VA and cutscnes to a fighting game? The previous Tekken games are on the weakest console graphically of last gen, PS2, and did not affect their gameplay at all. The 360 did no hold back Street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur 4, Blazblue, Virtua Fighter 5 etc at all, so what makes you think that Tekken would be affected? Unless you're a fanboy, there is nothing wrong with bringing Tekken to a wider audience.

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@PurpuhlRowboht The scale of Final Fantasy XIII was cut down so that the Xbox 360 port was not inferior (although it was on 3 discs). I'm just saying I think the same thing happened to Tekken 6 and I'd hate to see the same thing happen to Tekken Tag 2 - I want it to be as good as a Tekken game can possibly get with the technology available.

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sounds good, please bring it to console, i wanna play it

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i hate listening to japaneese translators

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Hopefully it will come to the US soon after.

Avatar image for xHUSTLEMANx

@jamestillett don't worry. Namco will come to their senses soon enough.

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who has two thumbs and will still be in japan next year when this comes out........this guy.

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lets all hope & pray that this will be ported to consoles even if it only comes as a download please please pretty please Namco make us all happy say you will port it to console

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i really like itt

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please add this time TRUE OGRE plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Avatar image for tony_hak

please add the charcater true-ogre this time plzzzzzzzzzz

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Could you imange the Number of complaints Namco would get if they did not do a console version the Tekken Franchise would never be the same again

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i dont know why tekken tag dont give that much excitement ?? Tekken 6 was great and the roster was huge...so what's the purpose of 2 players beside each other

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looks good...

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I liked the first Tag Tournament. Hope it comes to consoles.

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itchyflop@ really?! Do you know how long it takes to make a new gaming engine, and if it hits consoles they have to make it work for both systems!

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Hey, I wonder if all the customization will remain. And perhaps some new minigames.

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Yes, looks a lot like TEKKEN 6.

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as you well know considering the tekken time line release they always release an arcade first before announcing a console verison. so after this game comes out sometime next year then a year or so after that they will release a console. but now this is my question to harada if tekken 7 is already in the works then there should be an announce date some time next year as well considering the tekken line. character wise michelle coming to tekken tag 2 is completely pointless considering that julia and michelle looks the same and have the same move list. Jun i would say yes if they change her move list cause asuka and jun do have identical move list. gon probably not cosidering he is a comic book character namco would have to relicense him but i am pretty sure that they will unviel it in the near future. gameplay probably the same as br with minor changes since harada said in a interview that they are using the same engine as tekken 6 br which is the ps3 based system.

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you guys stop bashing! this is work in progress! and they are using a new graphic engine according to Harada san. he said now they can draw 4 characters in one screen.(twitter) it is gonna be awesome ;) he also said the still dunno which console will have it, but they want all the fans to have it :D so i guess it'll come for both PS3 and 360, maybe sometime PSP.

Avatar image for jvsexy

it will be released on consoles but only after a lonngg longgg wait....sux eh

Avatar image for Seanarot

it better be coming to ps3

Avatar image for itchyflop

it needs to be better than the last, i feel a new engine is needed!! not that the last was bad just like the rest!!

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it'll prolly make its way to consoles or namco's gettin hell and loosing a ton of cash...

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Punch-juggle, dail-a-combo, low ploygon count, Gen Wii gaming. Leave it in the back corner of some dingy Japanese arcade for all I care...

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raza3 oh yeah Gon was cool lol and I'm "meh" with Jinpanchi lol

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people still have acrades?

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They should release it for Xbox 360 or PS3.

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DBZMaster55 in Japan they do. And Tekken's probably the most popular fighter in japanese arcades. I think it's good it debuts in arcades, cause the 1st release is usually broken (look at original t6, balance was simply not there).

Avatar image for Jim_bo_bo

@DBZMaster55 Arcades never died in Japan the way they did in the rest of the world. They're still just as popular over there, if not even more.

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Why are they releasing it for Arcade do people even still play arcades?!

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regix416_basic lol XD Tekken copying doa, now that's interesting, cause the last time I checked tekken was already declared one of the best, if not the best fighter ever made before doa was even born. Itagaki slapped bewbs and explosions on VF and believed he made the best fighting game ever. I'll always be grateful for Ninja Gaiden, but doa was and still is nothing special.

Avatar image for TrueIori

unknown better be the boss again, or this will be ultimate fail xD.

Avatar image for MachShot

DoA is a joke. Look at the high profile international competitive venues right now. Tekken is on MLG, WCG, and EVO2k. Where is DoA? DoA is for people who don't have the aptitude to play Virtua Fighter and had to find something "lite". You lose.

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another tekken tag game woohoo

Avatar image for Di3oxide

Oh man, I almost forgot about 'Tekken tag'.

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@GrandTheftDog Dude u got to be kidding me Tekken Rapes Streettfighter. Streetfighter is more cartooney and not serious plus it's not even in full 3D in my eyes Streetfighter can't compare.

Avatar image for kiddsilk69

about goddamn time, it makes me wondered why they never brought this back after 3. anyhow was a big fan of 2 but ever game after has been meh.

Avatar image for TXMostWanted

SICK! Too bad this won't come out for consoles until Q3/Q4 2012...and that's Japan. It probably won't hit the USA till much later :/

Avatar image for regix416_basic

Heh... I do have to agree with ThirteenChords has it right. DOA is the juggling. Anything else wishes it could. All of Tekken's attempts to copy it have ended up with... strange results.

Avatar image for ThirteenChords

Actually everyone, it's all about Dead Or Alive.