Tekken, State of Emergency films in the works

Crystal Sky and New Line Cinema pick up the movie rights for Tekken and State of Emergency, respectively.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Crystal Sky has just secured the rights for a feature film version of Tekken. The company reportedly paid $60 million for the rights. "The game has fun characters and is a wonderful story," said Steven Paul, president and CEO of Crystal Sky. "[Unlike some other games], this has a whole style of its own and is a really fun piece that is very commercial."

In related news, New Line Cinema has announced that it has picked up the movie rights for the PlayStation 2 game State of Emergency. The game, which was developed by Scotland-based Vis Entertainment, will see a transition to the big screen with the producers Warren Zide and Craig Perry of American Pie fame heading up the project.

"To be able to create a franchisable action movie that appeals to young audiences based on a highly successful video game is something we've been looking for, and State of Emergency is a perfect fit," Zide said. "We're thrilled to be producing this movie for New Line, which has shared our enthusiasm from the beginning."

"They are a phenomenally talented bunch of individuals, and this is truly an honor for them as much as it is for the company," said Chris Van Der Kuyl, president of Vis Entertainment. "I'd like to thank them all and intend to get them partying very, very soon indeed."

We'll have more information on both movies as soon as it becomes available.

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