Tekken film approaching release?

ComingSoon.net runs first pic of teaser poster for Screen Gems' long-in-the-works adaptation of 3D fighting franchise, dates filming start for Onimusha movie.


SIDEBAR: The Tekken film adaptation has been in the works for some time. Word of the project first arrived in February of 2002, when production company Crystal Sky Pictures reportedly secured the rights for $60 million. Two years later the project came up again, this time with Miramax subsidiary Dimension Films reportedly tied to cofund and distribute the film.

Very little news has surfaced regarding the film in the intervening years, but it seems it hasn't been forgotten about entirely. Film site ComingSoon.net is reporting that Sony Pictures' Screen Gems will now distribute the movie, and has a picture of the film's first teaser poster.

As with most teaser posters, the promo sheet for Tekken doesn't show much other than a metallic T-shaped structure sticking out of the ground and the following ominous (and ellipsis-riddled) text:

After the Great Terror Wars, governments fell... Seven corporations rose from the ashes to rule all men... Together they were known as The Iron Fist... The mightiest of which was... Tekken

In the same story, ComingSoon.net reports that the film based on Onimusha is set to start shooting in April. No theatrical release window has been announced for either film.

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