Tekken characters appearing in Urban Reign

Namco's upcoming PS2 street brawer will feature cameos from the stars of its top fighting series.


Namco's Urban Reign for the PlayStation 2 will feature cameos by fighters from the Tekken fighting game series, reports the latest issue of Famitsu. The magazine reveals that Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix will be in the game as playable characters.

Urban Reign will feature nearly 60 characters and allow for up to four-player multiplayer action. While it was known that players will be able to control street gangs and go against rival factions in the main game mode, we now know that Urban Reign will also offer a variety of multiplayer modes.

Versus mode will let players fight one another in an orthodox fighting match; players can set the rules so the winner gets decided either by knockout or by the number of points scored for beating the other player up. In object battle mode, the player needs to protect objects that correspond to a color he or she's been assigned, while simultaneously trying to break those corresponding to the opponent's colors.

Urban Reign also features a weapon battle mode in which players must fight over a single weapon on the field. The rules can be set so that the player automatically wins if he or she holds on to the weapon for a given amount of time without dropping it, by the total amount of time held on to the weapon, or if he or she is in possession of the weapon when time runs out.

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