Tekken and Onimusha movies under way in Japan

Gaga Communications talks about the upcoming films in a recent interview.


Bloomberg Japan recently conducted an interview with Nichiho Marumo, president of Gaga Communications, the Japanese company that is producing the upcoming Tekken and Onimusha movies.

In the interview, Marumo commented that Gaga's business has mainly been the distribution of movies in Japan. This will be the first time the company will step into the movie production business. Marumo said that Gaga plans to release the Tekken and Onimusha movies worldwide, and it is focused on making the video games the primary focus of its marketing effort, since games are one the forms of entertainment that Japan is best known for, along with anime.

Although movies based on video games have been around since the Famicom era, and the name value of the games still stands out as the greatest selling point in attracting audiences to the theater, Gaga also understands the importance of bringing nongaming audiences to the theaters and hopes to use its experience and knowledge in creating good scripts for the movies. Marumo commented that games nowadays are created like movies to begin with, and are easy to grasp in concept.

Gaga hopes to begin production of the Tekken movie and begin scenario production for the Onimusha movie by September, which is the end of the company's fiscal year.

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