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Tekken 8 Introduces New Heat System And A Returning Nina Williams

The next Tekken's battle system will feature plenty of heat.


Just before the Top 8 at the Tekken World Tour Grand Finals in Amsterdam, Tekken project leads Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray presented new information about Tekken 8, including a 35-minute video addressing new mechanics, a closed alpha test, and the addition of series veteran Nina Williams to the roster.

Nina has appeared in every major Tekken release since the original game in 1994. Her new iteration leans heavily into her secret agent/assassin skill set, as she now mixes akimbo pistols into her Jujutsu and Koppojutsu-themed fighting style.

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Tekken 8's major new mechanic is called the Heat Gauge, which can be activated both as a single button press called a Heat Burst, and after certain moves in each character's moveset called Heat Engagers. Activating the Heat Gauge will give that player an offensive advantage and access to new mechanics for as long as the gauge depletes.

What makes the Heat Gauge unique is that once activated, the attacking player can pause the gauge's depletion by continuing to attack and forcing the opponent to block. The mechanic, according to the video, is designed to highlight a more aggressive approach to fighting mechanics, while also giving new players tools to learn multiple characters.

The health gauge is also receiving a big change in Tekken 8: recoverable health that appears after a character blocks a big move from an opponent. However, where previous Tekken games that used the mechanic--specifically the Tekken Tag games--would let players recover health by playing defensively or switching a character, this new version only allows health to be recovered by connecting with attacks.

Finally, the Closed Alpha Test will be available at specially designated offline locations around the world. The first location test will be held at Evo Japan 2023 in March, where all Tekken 7 entrants will have a chance to test Tekken 8 via a special sign-up website. More locations will be announced in the future.

Tekken 8 will launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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