Tekken 7's Ridiculous Bowling DLC Arrives Next Week

Tekken Bowl returns.

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Bandai Namco has announced a release date for Tekken 7's first major piece of downloadable content. The fittingly titled DLC 1 pack launches next week, on August 31.

The biggest feature of the upcoming DLC pack is Ultimate Tekken Bowl, the bowling mini-game that debuted in Tekken Tag Tournament for PlayStation 2. As you can probably gather from its name, Ultimate Tekken Bowl allows players to hit the lanes with their favorite characters for a 10-pin game of bowling. You can watch new footage of the mode in the trailer above.

In addition to Ultimate Tekken Bowl, the DLC pack also includes an assortment of new character costumes. Players will get the following outfits as part of DLC 1:

  • Blood Vengeance school uniforms (Xiaoyu and Alisa)
  • Swimsuits (all female fighters)
  • Vintage 1920s bathing suits
  • Idol Master-themed costumes (all female fighters)
  • Traditional Japanese Fundoshi (all male fighters)

Tekken 7's DLC 1 pack is included in the game's $25 season pass. Players in the Americas also have the option to purchase it separately; we've reached out to Bandai Namco for pricing details. Tekken 7's most recent slew of DLC released last month and introduced one new paid fighter, Eliza, and an assortment of free items based on the Taiko Drum Master series.

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i'm sitll waiting for FREEE Tekken ball dlc and music box for PC ......

Avatar image for joannadark360

Don't fixed the netcode and The Xbox One X gets checkerboard 4K ( NOT native 4K! ) patch. Instead! We get BOWLING!! Whatever Harada is smoking... It's POWERFUL! D:

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Niko! Its Roman, lets go bowling!

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Fundoshis and 1920s bathing suits...honestly I don't like these. We are in the 21st century near 2020 and this is the best they got? Come on Harada...these are not cool whatsoever. This is Tekken and I thought we'd get better by now. Can we get rid most of the default customization items because we can be way more stylish than that