Tekken 6 ships 2.5 million

Namco Bandai's latest King of the Iron Fist tournament rushes retailers worldwide en masse in first week of release.


Just in case a television advertising blitz including spots on Monday Night Football weren't evidence enough, Namco Bandai has big expectations for Tekken 6. Today, the company gave an indication of exactly how big, as it confirmed shipments of 2.5 million copies of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game to retailers worldwide.

Everybody is kung-fu fighting.
Everybody is kung-fu fighting.

The game, which launched in North America on Tuesday and arrived in European stores today, is available in multiple retail configurations. It can be purchased on its own, bundled with a wireless arcade-style joystick, and in some territories, packed in with the PlayStation 3 hardware itself.

While the game still features one-on-one fighting, Tekken 6 takes the series in a new direction with its Scenario Campaign mode. Building off the Devil Within mode from Tekken 5, the Scenario Campaign is more like a 3D action game where players advance the story by demolishing mobs of underlings followed by boss battles against the main characters in the series. At the moment, players go through the Scenario Campaign with an AI teammate, but Namco Bandai plans to release a free update this winter that will allow for two players to tackle the story online together.

For more on the latest King of the Iron Fist tournament, check out GameSpot's review of Tekken 6. A PSP version of the game is set to debut later this year.

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