Tekken 6 PSP Update - Game Modes and More

We go toe-to-toe with Namco's upcoming portable brawler.


Namco's upcoming PSP version of Tekken 6 has been wowing us since the Tokyo Game Show back in September, where we had the chance to see it in action and get a sense of what to expect from the core fighting and visuals. However, we didn't get many hard details on the game's modes, which kept us guessing about what would be in the final game. Thankfully Namco hasn't left us wondering for too long, because a Namco rep recently stopped by with an updated version of the game that featured the final feature set.

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If you've played the console Tekken games, then you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Tekken 6 PSP's modes. The game will feature Arcade, Story, Challenge, and Practice modes, as well as a network gameplay option. In addition, the game will feature a gallery option to check out unlockable art and movies. Arcade mode is pretty straightforward and lets you choose from the 40-character roster of fighters that's unlocked from the start. As always, you'll work your way through the standard series of fights and wind up in the expected big end-boss fight. There are roughly 18 stages, which will feature breakable floors and walls depending on the stage. Story mode is the meat of the game and gives you the chance to find out what's motivating everyone to participate in the Iron Fist tournament. Working through Story mode will unlock a hefty amount of material to check out in the gallery and should keep you busy for a while. Challenge mode gives you three tests of skill: time challenge, survival, and gold rush. Practice mode lets you get a handle on the diverse collection of fighters' various moves. Finally, the network option lets you throw down in ad hoc battles, and it features a few extra stages not seen in the other modes. Unfortunately, there's no infrastructure, but you can still exchange ghost data with friends. The beefy collection of modes hits all the points we were hoping for, although we would have liked to see some infrastructure support.

As for the visuals and gameplay, what we said in our earlier previews still holds. The game looks fantastic despite the more complex stages, and it runs smoothly. In terms of control, Tekken 6 handles well and should pose no problems to anyone familiar with the Tekken series. Players new to the series on the PSP might need to log some time in Practice mode to get the timing down, but the underlying system feels tight and responsive.

PSP owners who have been hungering for more beatdown options than the modest offering of good fighters on the system should be poised to grab Tekken 6 when the game ships this winter. There's an impressive amount of content crammed into the game, and while the multiplayer mode doesn't offer proper infrastructure play, the recently announced Ad Hoc Party mode should offer a good workaround for those eager to kick some butt online. Look for more on the game as it becomes available.

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