Tekken 4, Soul Calibur II confirmed?

Namco hints at new versions of its flagship fighting series and comments on GameCube development.


SoulCalibur II

Namco has seemingly confirmed the long-rumored Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur II for the Sony PlayStation 2. The confirmation came as part of the company's fiscal year forecasts in Japan. Additionally, a new game in the Ridge Racer series and a port of the System 246-based shooting game Vampire Night were also mentioned as being slated for Sony's next-generation console. Namco Japan did not make any specific announcements outside of the information relayed through the financial reports.

When reached for comment, representatives for the North American arm of the company, Namco Hometek, said that, "The list [of PS2 games] was issued by the Investor Relations Team in Namco Ltd. in conjunction with the year-end financial statement. The list was given to investors as a view of things to come. It is not an official announcement of what will be released in Japan, UK, or North America."

On a related note, Namco further addressed the speculation regarding its support for the Nintendo GameCube. The company said that although there have been no agreements signed, it is considering development for the console.

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