Teens Think Xbox Is Cooler Than PlayStation, Study Finds

How do you do, fellow kids?

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A study commissioned by Google has found that teenagers find the Xbox brand "cooler" than they find PlayStation. That preference was switched in millennials, however, as 18-25 year olds thought Sony's gaming brand was cooler than Microsoft's.

According to the report, children aged 13-17 thought Xbox was the fourth coolest brand in the world, with PlayStation down in seventh. Top of that list was Google's own video streaming service, YouTube, with Netflix and Google's overall brand in No.2 and No.3, respectively.

Some of most popular video game series among teens--which Google defined as those born between 1999 and 2003--were found to be The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Minecraft, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Nintendo is seen to be less cool than Xbox and PlayStation among both millennial and teenagers, while EA Sports is even further behind, says the report. Additionally, VR and AR are seen as some of the coolest things in the world of technology, along with smartphones and iOS in particular.

The study--which was intended to discover what young people's favourite brands were--was commissioned by Google but carried out by YouGov and Gutcheck across three surveys. In total, around 1600 teenagers and 800 millenials were polled between May and July 2016, though much of the data came from one particular survey that queried 1100 teens. It should be noted that much of the actual data was omitted from the final report in favor of qualitative statements, while it also appears the survey was limited to young people in the US.

Check out Google's report for yourself here.

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Teens also respect Lil' Wayne and Justin Beeber .

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Wow, a poll that asked a WHOPPING 2400 kids? All from the same country? GEE WOWSERS WHAT A GREAT POLL!

Seriously though, that is a tiny sample size for any kind of real survey. It's kind of funny that they even bothered to report their findings. It's also not all that surprising that American kids though an American console was "cooler".

Avatar image for predeking

@Vambrotious: Hope you are aware that many pharmaceutical trials have smaller sample sizes? As someone that has done research professionally and at the graduate level I can tell you that sometimes the sample is not as important as having a group that cuts across different demographics.

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Only cool kids pee their pants. So, if ya wanna be cool... Ya gotta pee your pants

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Well.. it is cooler. Is it actually better where it matters?

Not by a long shot.

But hey, who am I to dictate what you kewl teens do with your money. Go ahead and buy what's "cool". While you're at it, make sure to grab yourself the biggest iPhone you can get and the latest album from your local mumble rap artist.

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Here's the gist of how this conversation is happening, which typical of most these days...

"Everyone who disagrees with me is stupid."

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be GenX.

Oh, and dear Gamespot, STOP AUTOPLAYING VIDEOS

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All the cool kids know anything that begins and ends with an X is super XxCoolxX.

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...and 8 year olds think Nintendo is the shit.

So what? People outgrow their stupid thoughts.

Avatar image for hystavito

@CyberEarth: Actually 8yr olds don't care about Nintendo anymore, many prob don't even know Nintendo IP anymore :). Minecraft is the new Mario.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ef0f73404ef

@CyberEarth: Aw crap, guess I'm an 8 year old.

Avatar image for blue_rogue_44

I'm with most here in thinking that the PS4 is superior. However, it's saddening to know that all of these childish posts from Sony fanboys are actually probably adults then. Grow up.

Avatar image for milehighbossman

@blue_rogue_44: The PS4 is not necessarily superior though...

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Well teens are stupid.

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I doubt the accuracy of this survey. Where was it found, how would you access it, it is a well known fact the more people access a survey from a broader series of locations the more accurate it should be

Avatar image for deactivated-58ef0f73404ef

@richtofin819: Probably accessed only from windows devices lol

Avatar image for toobadnogangbeastforxb

Too bad Xbox is like boom one move and your suspended but in PlayStation you are free as well it's a bad choice for a garbage console get a ps4

Avatar image for fillup0

@toobadnogangbeastforxb: I've never been suspended on XBL, and I've been a member since 2008. I was 13 and really stupid, and I did awful things on there to be honest.

Avatar image for toobadnogangbeastforxb

@toobadnogangbeastforxb: feel life easier with PlayStation

Avatar image for mushywaffle

Smart Teens. They realized the foreign console doesn't' do anything or provide anything over a domestic console, unless you like foreign games.

Avatar image for lfebaggins

As Captain Dickson said in 21 Jump Street:

"They teenagers, man. They really stupid."

Avatar image for uk_friday

as a teen they think cod is cool....the rest of us dont think....we know it sucks ....so this article means f all

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As a ps4 owner, I might agree with them haha. Except I dont own an xbox....

Still think this generation is the worst ever for playstation..

Avatar image for richtofin819

@chubby170: what why do you think this is the worst?

Avatar image for chubby170

@richtofin819: CyberEarth said it well...

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@richtofin819: I have to agree. Here's some reasons why PS4 gen is the worst Playstation generation:

#1 - Lack of a plethora of exclusives. Compare to PS1/PS2/PS3, the PS4 has much less of a selection of true exclusives. Only just recently have exclusives started to hit PS4 (Nioh, Persona 5, etc.)

#2 - Lack of backwards compatibility, even for PSN titles. Some PS3 titles have to be re-purchased on PS4, even though they are digital. WTF? Sony knows I own it on PS3. Here's the SAME DAMN TITLE ON PS4/PSN!

#3 - Sony charging for online gaming.

#4 - Sony's hamfisted streaming service via PS Now. WTF is that? Ugh, terrible.

#5 - PS4 Pro. 'nuff said here. Come out with a true successor rather than a half-assed no-Ultra-HD-BluRay-drive piece of junk. I've always said the only reason to purchase this is if you don't already own a PS4 (or yours broke).

The greatest console was the PS3 fat 60GB (which I own). Hands down.

If PS5 forces me to abandon or repurchase my PS4 library, I'm out. Not going to buy it. I'll just go all PC, since all titles are there anyways these days. No reason to drop $400-600 on a console then spend more for the privilege to game online when my PC already does it and more.

Avatar image for the_hunter_gta

The PS4 isn't the worst Playstation!

#1 - I don't really care about exclusives only one on Xbox One I would ever want to play anytime soon might be Crackdown 3 but I'm not getting a Xbox One just for that one game, Playstation has the originals of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games not the remakes that were on ps vita then ported to Steam, well it seems like Xbox One is having a harder time playing LEGO Worlds then the PS4 so many players seems to be losing save data.

*Just a Few Notable Exclusives I know of or care about! Final Fantasy XIV Online<won't be on PS3 anymore, Days Gone, Gravity Rush: Remasted, Gravity Rush 2, Megadimension Neptunia VII and soon VIIR, Nier: Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dragon Quest Heroes II, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Uncharted 4, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Tails Games, I'm not counting if they are on PC or will be on PC later.

#2 - Who needs backwards compatibility just use the correct system to play the game.

#3 - Xbox live also charges to play online and to even send messages or join a party! PSN doesn't charge to send messages or join a party! Better feature on PS4 there. (But I could still play Final Fantasy XIV Online, without having PS+ if I wanted too)

#4 - I don't care about game streaming services.

#5 - PS4 Pro! I already had a Launch PS4 and no 4k TV so no need yet!

PC won't get all games ps4 has unless they get pirated games, which is illegal.

Avatar image for chubby170

@CyberEarth: Wow, its like you read my mind.. And then I have little annoyances such as, horrible battery life in the controllers, cant set my own wallpapers, games taking way too much memory... things like that.

From all of the releases out of Sony, each one had major changes and made it a big step forward. The PS4 is a very very small step up from the PS3, and that is in terms of speed. Besides that, id gladly take my PS3 over the PS4 if possible.

And like you, because of how badly I think the PS4 is, I am really considering if I will be staying with Playstation down the line. If I do, it will be a long wait until systems are heavily discounted... Since now, ive bought every Sony system at launch except the PS1.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@chubby170: You can nearly double the battery life of the PS4 controllers if you turn down/off the LED light. That consumes a massive amount of power (for it's size). It would be nice if Sony had made this more accessible to do.

And yes, PS4 should have come with a 1 TB drive standard as well as support for external drives via USB 3.0 or E-Sata. And yes, I know you can connect an external drive on PS4, but you can only use it for raw storage, not for accessing game data.

The biggest IRONY of the console wars between XBox and Sony? They both lose to PC as they both become increasingly more PC-like (just with less features). What's left? Nintendo as the reigning and remaining console champion. I say this only because XBox and Sony are losing their exclusives to PC left and right, they can't compete on price for games against PC, and increasingly there's little impetus to purchase either console over a PC - especially when both manufacturers are expecting consumers to shell out $400-500 mid-generation for a v2.0 of their console. We haven't reached that tipping point yet, but the iceberg is on the horizon. That leaves... Nintendo with their gimmicky consoles and 1st party titles. Kind of sad. :(

Avatar image for the_hunter_gta


You can dim the light but can't turn if off which is what I want to be able to do. But they need to add a way to change out old batteries.

And external drives are supported now and you can install games directly to the external drive or even move games back and forth to system or external drive, but it is only for games no videos, music of pictures, but can still use USB Flash Drives for those.

Oh, the PC Master Race! Well, consoles are still easier to use and easier to play, and you don't have to keep upgrading with $100-$200+ video cards and other needed hardware, software and updating drivers and stuff, just to be able to play games! I guess some didn't hear how bad Batman Arkham Knight was on the PC even if WB miss up. PS4 didn't have anything that bad.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@the_hunter_gta: External drives can't run games directly; therefore they are not supported. You've always been able to plug in a USB or external drive and move/copy files. That's not using an external drive.

Additionally, you've completely 100% misunderstood my original post. My original post is comparing Playstation 4 to previous Playstation generations. It has nothing to do with PC or Xbox or anything else. It's a direct apples to apples comparison. Hands down, PS4 is the worst Playstation generation for the reasons I outlined. It may be the most modern, but it's certainly not the greatest.

Avatar image for archav3n

so.. conclusion teens are stupid that judge a book by its cover or choose a brand name over what a console has to offer which are games? stupid teens are stupid?

Avatar image for chubby170

@archav3n: What makes you think the ps4 is better?

Avatar image for qwertys0ul

@chubby170: Nice one.

Avatar image for chubby170

@qwertys0ul: Thanks!

Avatar image for breatheright

i just couldnt wait to see the comments on this article

Avatar image for JustinGoSka

I feel like Gamespot just posts stupid pointless articles like this to get fan boys to fight over which console is better when they're both nearly identical to each other with the exception of a few exclusives and minor hardware differences.

Avatar image for fillup0

@JustinGoSka: That ad revenue, baby. We're no better for clicking on it in the first place.

Avatar image for happylad

as an xbox owner i think this is just sad...

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

Is this more click-bait from Gamespot? Not that I care about the "cool" point of this article, but now I'm questioning the credibility of those that are selected for this "study".

"Some of most popular video game series among teens--which Google defined as those born between 1999 and 2003--were found to be The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Minecraft, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

. . . I don't know what to think after reading this, two of them are generic dudebro shooters. The only games I find respectable on this list are Zelda, GTA, and Pokémon.

Maybe even Minecraft. But I don't know enough about that one. Even though seems it went downhill after Microsoft bought the property. I'd have thought Little Big Planet>Minecraft.

All the same, I'm going to take this with a heavy grain of salt_

"the survey was limited to young people in the US"

Don't like to judge different countries. But this might be a factor as well. Both Counter-Strike and Black Ops are games targeting that 'audience', and from my knowledge both are developed in the US, so a large part of bias might be why they are on the list. Americans have a habit of supporting home products even when they know they're mediocre.

Avatar image for deadkingdg

@RSM-HQ: "I'm questioning the credibility of those that are selected for this "study"."

You forgot the fact that it was a commissioned by Google and that Google's properties made it first and third in the list of "cool things".

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

@deadkingdg: That's not what I mean by credible, it's me questioning why sites like GameSpot/ Destructoid/ and Kotaku consider this study worth spreading around, when who are selected seem to be the type of people who play very few games to begin with.

If Google is heavily the reason the study they put together is questionable that just makes them look bad, Google should stick with being a search engine because it seems to be bad at everything else.

Avatar image for jaymikells

Playstation is for SJW Beta Males, the ones that wack it to Hentai.

Xbox is for kick-ass Alpha Males that get loads of poon.

Avatar image for uk_friday

@jaymikells: what has your cat got to do with this article...

Avatar image for jaymikells

@uk_friday: Um, where did I mention cat anywhere?

Avatar image for joejoe1639

@jaymikells: SJWs are crap, but I won't just sit here and let you talk shit about Hentai.

Avatar image for joejoe1639

LOL! So, is this fact a badge of honor or a source of shame for the XBox owners here?

Avatar image for salty101

@joejoe1639: I'm curious too. Its a very fine line.

Avatar image for bottaboomstick

and this is why i'll stick with ps4. Teenagers are mentally ill people.