Teen Titans Go To The Movies Trailer Has It All: Action, Wonder Woman, and Farts

Can Wonder Woman save the Teen Titans?


While the animated series Teen Titans Go will be returning to Cartoon Network sometime in 2018 to continue its fourth season, DC's pint-sized superheroes are also making the jump to the big screen. Teen Titans Go To The Movies will see the young superheroes go theatrical for the first time and, based on the first trailer, they know the key to finding a movie theater audience.

When Robin introduces the movie, his fellow heroes all show up in Wonder Woman costumes, confusing the young Dick Grayson instantly. "Our movie's not about Wonder Woman," he says. "It's about us--the Teen Titans!" The rest of the group disagrees. "Wonder Woman inspires people," Raven Tells him. Starfire quickly adds, "And we...do not."

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The movie itself follows the Titans as they attempt to find feature film stardom, only to end up fighting to save the planet from villains like Balloon Man, who is literally just a giant pink balloon with a robot head. Of course, puncturing the balloon in a specific way gives Teen Titans Go To The Movies the chance to work a massive fart joke into the trailer because nothing sells cartoons like gassy villains.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies hits theaters on July 27. At this point, there is no announced return date for the animated series. However, a live-action Titans series is also in the works for DC Entertainment's upcoming streaming service. At this rate, there will be plenty of Teen Titans material to feed your eyeballs for years to come.

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