Tecmo Updates Hit Titles

Last year's excellent "reverse RPG" title, Deception, is getting a face-lift by Tecmo; Ninja Gaiden is aiming for the N64.


Representatives of game publisher Tecmo have informed GameSpot News that the company is currently at work on a sequel to last year's excellent "reverse RPG" title, Deception.

The game saw players as pawns of an evil entity and set at the task of laying traps for aimless adventurers in an ancient mansion. Unlike Bullfrog's recent Dungeon Keeper, players had to physically lead opponents into the snares. The sequel is said to have much more wicked traps and is likely to further exploit the game's "monster constructing" feature.

The company is also rumored to be considering bringing a new version of its hit series, Ninja Gaiden, to the Nintendo 64 console system.

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