Tecmo unveiling mystery title March 24

Event to unveil "greatest ____ game ever" at San Francisco PlayStation Store sparks speculation of Ninja Gaiden Sigma sequel.


Since it spurned Square Enix's advances to merge with Koei, Tecmo has largely stayed out of the limelight. No longer. This evening, the Japanese publisher announced that it is working on a new game for unnamed platforms--a game it is set to announce at an event in two weeks.

Is Ninja Gaiden Tau in the cards?
Is Ninja Gaiden Tau in the cards?

In a brief invite, Tecmo promised that the game in question would be "the greatest _____ game ever" when it is revealed on March 24, during the 2009 Game Developers Conference. (Blank space in the original.) Though the statement implies a new installment in an existing series, the publisher gave no other clues about the game, other than to say that its "producer/director" would be on hand to answer questions at the announcement event.

What could the game in question be? The venue for Tecmo's announcement provides a clue, since it will be held at the soon-to-be-shuttered San Francisco PlayStation Store--right across the street from the Moscone Center, site of GDC 2009. Using a Sony-owned, platform-dedicated location to announce an Xbox 360 or Wii game is highly unlikely, which means the game in question is almost certainly headed to one of Sony's three platforms.

Given declining sales of the last-generation PlayStation 2, the top suspects for the new Tecmo game's platform are the PSP and the PlayStation 3. The latter looks more likely, since it already saw the successful launch of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the 2007 installment in Tecmo's popular--and notoriously difficult--fantasy action franchise. Other possible series include Fatal Frame, Monster Rancher, Rygar, Tecmo Bowl, and Dead or Alive--which the publisher confirmed was getting a sequel last June following producer Tomonobu Itagaki's acrimonious departure from the company.

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time to work on dead or alive 5

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Go cry into your Master Chief bedsheets you jealous 360 fanboys.

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Seriously though... WHY is DOA getting MATURE ratings all of the sudden? This is clearly ridiculous. The first one NEVER got Mature ratings... people are being WAY too sensitive these days. THAT my friends is why DOA is not selling well anymore. The games are NOT MATURE material. Sure it's racy but that's what makes them fun. But NOTHING makes them MATURE rated. Well, I take it back, the volleyball games were might have crossed the line, but the fighting games never crossed the line THAT far.

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i think dead or alive 5 must enter more new characters for compite with Tekken series ... i love dead or alive series the dead or alive 4 have some new moves very cool ... and a new game for 360 about bruce lee quest of dragon 2 should be nice ....

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what games are this new from tecmo reveal the games please

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Oh god Please let it be a Fatal frame for the 360. I loved the fatal frame 2 for my old xbox, i finished it at 100%. Best horror game ever! it makes RE or silent hill look like a child party :S Or a DOA 5 would be bad, if it had a lot more costumes than the DOA4.

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so it's like way past the 25th, but I don't see any other announcements.. unless NG2 sigma was it

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I really hope this is Dead or Alive 5, its been mentioned before so maybe they are going to finally announce it!!

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Specially for some "characters" I spread 2 photographed pages from the Japanese edition Famitsu. They can be seen on my channel in Recent images. Where the inscription Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and PS 3 from below is clearly visible.

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I REALLY hope that the mystery game is Dead or Alive 5, please techmo!

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ninja gaiden psp i'm telling you

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Interview Hayashi for Kotaku. Hayashi has declared, that in development is Ninja Gaiden 2 for PS 3 but readiness him while 50 %!!! Which will support PSnetwork with additional content with the characters of a series DOA! The theme is closed! ( if only Tecmo does not announce also DOA 5 :) )

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All I see when I read a game is being made by Koei is Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors... I hope Tecmo escapes the wrath of Koei, even though I have never gotten into Ninja Gaiden(they're too hard!).

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I'm thinking it's Dead or Alive 5. Main reason for that is on the 360, if you look in the XBOX Live store at Dead Or Alive 4, instead of having a basic category like "sports" "fighting" or anything, it says "INCREDIBLE FIGHTING GAME!" I don't see that for any other Tecmo games. It'd fall nicely in that same kind of pattern for "the greatest fighting game ever". At least that's my two cents.

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It's not official that it's NG2 Sigma yet. Those Japanese are really good with Photoshop. In any case I was hoping for something more exciting, like Ninja Gaiden 3, or Fatal Frame 4. Or even Dead or Alive 5. Not a stupid port. I HAVE THE GAME ALREADY.

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Wish this was something more interesting than Sigma 2.

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Its official. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on PS3. Thank You Sony and Tecmo. << LINK REMOVED >>

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i'm guessing ninja gaiden psp. sony said they want to start pushing psp and getting some good games on it. ds has already had gaidan, i think it's psp's time.

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A next gen Tecmo-Bowl! Who needs Madden when you can just select from 4 plays and zig-zag to victory? Also, online Tecmo Bowl would be pretty cool. But that darn NFL license has to be with EA...

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ninja gaiden sigma was really hard but good so i hope its for ps3

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Freaking teasers.

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I doubt it will be a Ninja Gaiden game because, it will go multi plat or stay with the 360 not jump ship. If its a new NG2 Sigma game, again they said it was to be a new game. It could be DOA5, but again it will be multi plat or 360 only. Its likely something new, like they said. Or something un 360 related if its PS exclusive. Sales of the 360 or Tecmos games sales on the 360 havn't been that bad that they alienate the 360 fans. NG 2 Sigma wouldn't be anything but a straight port because its not that old, so why would it require an announcement like this that implies something new.

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@tonitors also they can't just make a sequel(ninja gaiden 3) and just decide hey 1 and 2 was on the xboxs, y dont we screw them and put it it EXCLUSIVELY on the ps3......think man

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No crap if DOA5 planed for release,sure it's on Xbox 360. @ tonitorsi NG3 Exclusive For PS3?! ha ha ha ha... and yeah Sony owns **** not gaming industry... momy give me some Xbox titles they are cool!!!

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Yea baby, make it a Ninja G. exclussice so it can sell waaaaay higher, and make Ninja Gaiden 3 EXCLUSSIVELY for the PlayStation 3 Sony owns the gaming industry.

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Although a Ninja Gaiden 2: Sigma would be nice, it will be kind of anti-climatic to the statement "the greatest _____ game ever." Because...that's just a port from XBOX 360, nothing really new. I hope it's actually something new. But NG2: Sigma would be a nice annoucement as well.

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I hope that it will be Ninja Gaiden or DOA. At last slavery XBOX360 comes to an end with Tecmo! Is unique firm the developer, which attracted me with the masterpieces on XBOX360, what even thought to buy her. The guys but for the sake of what I bought PS3? Yes to play in best!

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could it be NG3? but then it would definitely come to the 360 as well. since NG2 sold a million! hmmm wait a second its NG2:sigma for the PS3 lmao!

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tekken IS the greatest fighter, so I'm not pumped for doa in the slightest. Lag between pressing a button and the character punching? no thanks! But if they somehow made a decent DW games that was pS3 exclusive, i'd buy that just ebcause it's my favourite franchise being dev'd by a decent dev!

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Dead or Alive 5 would be big news especially if its on the PS3

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII maybe? Or Kessen IV?

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Any news about Itagaki?

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hey maybe it will be a new Captain Tsubasa...hope someday tecmo will release captain tsubasa on xbox 360/ps3

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a giant fish in a sandwich please

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Isn't fatal frame owned by nintendo now?

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Fatal Frame IV is a Wii exclusive in Japan, I hear it's really good, coming to the US later this year but still a Wii exclusive I believe Rygar was also a Wii exclusive, and not a good one at that it'll probably be another NG port like Sigma, but for NG2, or maybe another Dead or Alive game, or a very late port of Dead or Alive 4

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dead or alive 5, ps3 exclusive! (begins to dream.............)

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Well, if it is a ps3 exclusive, and since they merged with KOEI, it could very well be some more news about MUSOU OROCHI Z, which I have been quite curious about for some time. If not, I too would prefer a new Deception, those games were possibly my favorite on the psx.

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Please no PSP game. A PS3 Ninja Gaiden or DOA game would be fine.

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man too bad tecmo/itagaki havent sorted out there $#!+, that truly would teh most amazing announcement.

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if this turn out to be a ninja gaiden 3 i will be the happiest gamer alive. as long as it is on ps3 or 360.no wii plz

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Ninja Bowl Xxxtreme. Please!!!

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"the greatest chuck norris vs. jesus game ever"

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Fatal Frame isnt the greatest horror game ever, Monster Rancher isnt the greatest.. whatever game ever, Rygar wasnt the greatest action hack and slash ever and as much as i love DOA it's not the greatest fighting game ever, and i doubt they would make the game exclusive seeing it had great success on the 360 when it came out early in the 360's lifespan. My only guess is Tecmo Bowl, alot of people regard it as the best football game ever and it would make a nice addition to the PSP or the Playstation store.

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why do ppl say Sigma's difficult? Personally wasnt dat diff to me.

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I suppose they should try to do another "Deception" Title. I mean, Yeah, "Trapt" wasn't the greatest, But if they went back to the original's first person, Castle Creating, And of course, Trap laying gameplay it could go somewhere...

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i put even money on its being a Dead or ALive game. With the fighting genre feeling a new life as of late. a new Dead or Alive would sell to fans and Fighting newcomers.

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a release date for " the greatest Gears of War clone ever"...........Quantum Theory.