Tecmo releases Ninja Gaiden merchandise

Tecmo releases a new line of Ninja Gaiden merchandise and offers discounts to those who preorder a copy of the upcoming Xbox game.


Tecmo has today announced the release of a new line of Ninja Gaiden merchandise at its official online store. The new goods includes caps, T-shirts, beanies, wallets, and the like, all bearing both the original NES Ninja Gaiden logo and the new one designed for the upcoming Xbox game.

"When creating this new line of Ninja Gaiden collectible gear, we had in mind both the old fans of the NES series as well as a whole new generation of gamers eagerly anticipating the new Ninja Gaiden. Since the series was originally introduced in the '80s and 'old-school' style is back, we thought we would design a collection of clothes and merchandise that reflected that retro vibe," said Tony Tarpey, Tecmo's marketing manager. "To stay true to the modern look and feel of the new game, we also incorporated the latest logo on T-shirts, beanies, leather wallets and more. The merchandise was made to appeal to a broad range of NG collectors and fans, so, needless to say, there is a little something for everyone in the line."

The new Ninja Gaiden items are available for purchase from the Tecmo online store now, and for a limited time Tecmo, will be offering a 20 percent discount on merchandise to anyone who preorders a copy of the upcoming game. For more information on Ninja Gaiden, which is currently scheduled for release in February, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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