Tecmo on board with Revolution

Ninja Gaiden publisher readying Pangya golf game for console's launch, Monster Farm Online for PC.


TOKYO--Japanese publisher Tecmo held a press conference in Tokyo today and announced that it will support Nintendo's next-generation Revolution console. The company's first project will be a Revolution version of Korean publisher Ntreev Soft's Pangya golf series, which will be codeveloped by the two companies. The game is tentatively named Sukatto Golf Pangya Revolution, and it is slated for simultaneous release with the console's launch, which is widely believed to be later this year.

Pangya, better known as Albatross 18: Realms of Pangya in English, was originally an online-only title created by Ntreev Soft for the PC. Pangya on the PC does not feature a monthly subscription fee, instead deriving its revenue from micropayments, as players pay to acquire new and improved in-game items. Tecmo hasn't disclosed any details on the Revolution version, but it may well turn out to be one of the first games on the console to feature network support.

Tecmo also announced during its press conference that an online PC version of Monster Farm is currently under development and should debut by the end of the year. The game is tentatively named Monster Farm Online, and it will be Tecmo's second online title for the PC. Monster Farm Online will be developed by Tecmo and operated by Gamepot, the company that manages Pangya's operations in Japan. Like Pangya, Monster Farm Online will also rely on micropayments to generate revenue from players.

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