Tecmo confirms Unison for the US PS2

Unison: Rebels of Rhythm and Dance to be released for the North American PS2 in March.


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Tecmo has confirmed the North America release of Unison: Rebels of Rhythm and Dance for the PlayStation 2. The quirky interactive dancing game puts players 200 years into the future, when a dictator has placed a prohibition on dancing. As part of the Unison dance team, players must show the citizens of the city the gifts of rhythm and dance. According to a Tecmo representative, the North American version of Unison will include eight new songs sung by the actual artists, and four songs from the Japanese version. Other new additions include a easy mode, further flexibility in the training mode, with the ability to skip training altogether, and the opportunity to listen to any completed song in its entirety. Other than some cosmetic changes, the visuals will remain virtually identical to the Japanese version.

"What truly sets Unison apart from any other dancing game is the awesome blend of multimedia," said John Inada, Tecmo's marketing director. "The stunning realism of the graphics, the array of original dance songs, and the electrifying plot take this title to all-new levels. And die-hard fans of Japanese anime will be in for a treat, too."

The game will be released in March and will carry a suggested retail price of $49.95.

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