Tecmo confirms the North American release of Monster Rancher 3

The PlayStation 2 incarnation of Tecmo's monster breeding game will be released in North America this summer.


Tecmo has confirmed the North American release of Monster Rancher 3 for the Sony PlayStation 2. As with previous games in the series, the goal is to breed the most powerful monsters in order to compete in the game's ultimate monster battle tournament. However, in addition to using music CDs as virtual genetic code to breed monsters, the PlayStation 2 version will let players use DVD movies as monster DNA in order to expand breeding possibilities.

"Not only will the graphics in Monster Rancher 3 prove sensational due to the advanced PlayStation 2 engine, but monster breeders will also find themselves extremely busy keeping up with all the added extras," said John Inada, Tecmo's marketing director. "The cast of monsters in MR3 will have more unique characteristics than ever before. Specific behavior, vivid facial expressions, and even customized accessories will be attributed to all creatures. Plus, players will have more flexibility in terms of controlling their monster during battles and while roaming the monster ranch."

Monster Rancher 3 will carry a suggested retail price of $49.99 and will be shipped to North American retailers this summer.

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