Tecmo brings Gallop Racer to the US PS2

Tecmo will release the latest game in its Gallop Racer series in North America.


Gallop Racer 2001

Tecmo will release its PlayStation 2 horse racing simulation, Gallop Racer 2001, in North America. The game, known as Gallop Racer 5 in Japan, will be released in limited quantities. In the simulation game, players can manage and assemble their own stable or simply bet on the races themselves. Players can assume the role of the breeder, the jockey, or a spectator in the stands--each role provides a unique gameplay dynamic.

"Gallop Racer 2001 is the most realistic horse racing title ever made," said John Inada, marketing director at Tecmo. "In addition to authentic weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and mud, Gallop Racer 2001 features more than 1,500 lifelike horses, each made up of more than 40,000 polygons. After taking just one look at this game, gamers will be sprinting neck and neck down the stretch to secure their preorder for Gallop Racer 2001.''

An earlier game in the Gallop Racer series was released for the US PlayStation and sold relatively well in limited quantities. Gallop Racer 2001 for the PS2 will be available on August 21.

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