Team's Strategy for $10 Million Dota 2 Tournament Leaked Online

Chinese media website Gamefy entered the team's off-limits planning room and recorded its entire tournament strategy.


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The International, the Dota 2 championship tournament, starts on Friday, but qualifiers have been going on for over a week. The stakes are high, with the prize pool totaling well over $10 million. Every move the competing teams make is important, and so strategy is crucial for victory. Teams lock themselves in planning rooms, off limits to media and the public, so that they can plan each game in secrecy.

But for one Dota 2 team, these regulations didn't prevent its entire strategy from being leaked to the Internet. According to PCGamesN, Team DK's tactics are now available to the public because Chinese website Gamefy sent an unauthorized journalist into the strategy room before a DK match. The journalist recorded video containing the team's core strategy and its drafting ideas for its subsequent match, and it was soon posted to a Chinese video site.

Team DK's coach immediately demanded that the video be removed, but by that time it had been posted on YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet. Gamefy recently published an apology letter, translated by Reddit user Bikinii, which you can read below.

"Dear DK players and beloved Dota 2 fans,

“Gamefy's film personnel entered and began filming the player's rooms without the permission of Valve and Team DK, and accidentally uploading the sensitive information. We sincerely apologize for our actions.

“We acknowledge the problems and frustration that were caused to Team DK by the video, and we are fully aware of the hurt that was caused to Dota 2 fans. According to Valve Corporation's rules and regulations, the personnel responsible cannot continue to participate in TI 4 news reporting; we will also strictly adhere to the rules of the organizing committee. Without further permission from valve, we will not enter player's rooms to conduct any kind film work.

“Lastly, we would hope for forgiveness and understanding from all of Team DK, all Dota 2 fans and lovers, and other TI 4 players; and let us put our passion and enthusiasm into the reporting of the next phase of the tournament.

“We hereby apologize."

Fans have asked Valve, which is hosting The International 4, to take action against Gamefy, but the company hasn't commented on the situation yet. We've reached out to Valve for comment.

Valve is streaming the matches on Twitch throughout the rest of the week. If you're new to Dota 2, you can check out the dedicated newcomers stream. The four-day tournament will take place at Seattle's 17,000-seat Key Arena.

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