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Teamfight Tactics 12.8 Patch Notes: Syndicate Rising, Mutant Falling

A few small changes to the meta are coming in the 12.8 patch.


The Teamfight Tactics 12.8 patch notes have been released, and there's not much changing as TFT heads towards its seventh expansion in the coming months.

The 12.8 patch falls in an awkward place in TFT's lifecycle, as the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championships will be sticking with the 12.7 patch while Set Seven will be added alongside 12.9. As such, the adjustments made here are mostly minor, though Mutant players may want to pay attention.

Tier 5 Jinx saw a slight change in the Teamfight Tactics 12.8 patch.
Tier 5 Jinx saw a slight change in the Teamfight Tactics 12.8 patch.

The biggest winners in the 12.8 patch are champions with Syndicate traits, as armor, magic resistance, and bonus amplification are all increasing. Mutant traits take the biggest hit, as both Cybernetic Enhancement and Voracious Appetite are being scaled back, the former in overall health and the latter in attack damage and ability power. The full Teamfight Tactics 12.8 patch notes is below.

Teamfight Tactics is a tactical auto battler set in the League of Legends universe. It is available now on iOS, Android, and PC.

Teamfight Tactics 12.8 Patch Notes

Large Changes


  • Radiant Relics and Golden Egg option, Quickestsilver (Radiant Quicksilver) Attack Speed increased from 45% to 55%


  • Chemtech max health regen increased from 4/7/10/18% to 5/9/13/20%

  • Enchanter healing and shielding increased from 25/45/70/100% to 25/50/80/115%

  • Hextech shield increased from 100/135/250/350 to 100/150/275/375

  • Mutant, Cybernetic Enhancement health decreased from 450/900/1350 to 450/800/1250

  • Mutant, Voracious Appetite attack damage & ability power decreased from 20/30/40 toa 18/27/36

  • Scrap shield per item component decreased from 20/40/60 to 20/30/50

  • Syndicate armor & magic resist increased from 50 to 55

  • Syndicate 7 bonus amplification increased from 50 to 55

Small Changes


  • Portable Forge option, Eternal Winter Attack Speed Slow increased from 25% to 30%

Units: Tier 2

  • Zilean Time Bomb Attack Speed Slow increased from 25/35/50% to 30/40/50%

Units: Tier 3

  • Ekko Parallel Convergence Attack Speed Slow decreased from 25/25/35% to 20/20/30%

  • Gangplank Parrrley Damaged decreased from 120/160/225 to 110/150/225

Units: Tier 4

  • Kha’Zix Void Assault Attack Damage scaling changed from 195/200/225% to 180/185/260%

  • Renata Glasc Toxic Wave Attack Speed Slow increased from 15% to 20%

  • Renata Glasc Toxic Wave Damage increased from 40/65/220 to 40/65/240

  • Vi Piltover Pulverizer Damage increased from 125/200/450 to 125/200/500

  • Vi Piltover Pulverizer Shield increased from 225/325/750 to 225/325/850

Units: Tier 5

  • Jinx Rocket Form Attack Damage scaling decreased from 220/230/888% to 210/220/888%


  • Frozen Heart Attack Speed Slow decreased from 35% to 30%

Double Up


  • Players will now take a minimum of 1 damage upon losing a round in Double Up

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Sunlight Cape (Radiant Sunfire Cape) to only affect enemies within 1-hex range

  • Fixed an issue preventing Senna from gaining Mana from Blue Buff and Blue Battery after casting

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