Team Navi Win $150,000 at World of Tanks 2016 Grand Final

Navi win 7-6 over team Hellraisers.


Professional Ukrainian gaming team Navi has taken first place at the World of Tanks 2016 grand final. The team emerged victorious over rival team Hellraisers, winning in a nailbaiting series of games which closed out at 7-6. The event took place at Torwar Hall in Warsaw, Poland, and was also live-streamed.

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Navi picks up a cool $150,000 for their victory, and second place winners Hellraisers will be receiving $75,000 for their efforts. Team Wombats on Tanks placed third, netting themselves $35,000. The matches concluded the League for 2016. The event itself took place from April 8-9 and saw 12 of the best World of Tanks teams from all over the world compete, after having fought their way through their respective regions.

In the 2015 WGL, team Hellraisers had taken home the victory, with team Navi placing third. Chinese team EL Gaming, who had placed second in last year's tournament, were knocked out early on this year.

Last month GameSpot covered the World of Tanks Asia Pacific Season 2 final, which saw Chinese team EL Gaming and South Korean team Gold Bass earn the most points to represent the region on the world stage. The event took place at Yongsan Esports Stadium in Seoul, South Korea--get a closer look at the stadium in our photo gallery.

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