Team Fortress 2's Halloween Update Revives the Last Six Years of Events

Ride a broomstick and "enjoy a rousing game of Bibwich and snatch the catch or avoid the noid or whatever nonsense."


Already having kicked off the community-created, UFO-themed Invasion event, Valve's official Halloween festivities in Team Fortress 2 have begun.

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With the Scream Fortress 2015 update, all players have a received a Soul Gargoyle item. This functions similarly to the coin items we've seen added recently, as it tracks certain progress--in this case, the number of souls you've captured. Additionally, it tracks your accomplishments when replaying Halloween modes from past years, all of which have been temporarily brought back into the game, as promised.

While the progress the Gargoyle tracks is merely for bragging rights, the item can be used to transmute spare items into the special Halloween items that were previously only available through Halloween events.

The update also adds a bunch of new cosmetic items, almost all of which are contained in the new Gargoyle case (opened with the $2.49 Gargoyle key). These include a Jason-esque hockey mask for the Pyro, pirate pants for the Scout, and an ant head for the Pyro. Best of all is a new taunt that lets you ride a broom (as any class) and another that lets you lament the death of a foe (as the Soldier). Unlike most Halloween items in the past, these can be used at any time; they don't carry the restriction that only allow them to be equipped during Halloween or full moons.

Four new community-made maps are also included, each with a spooky- or Halloween-themed setting. While everyone gets these maps for free, the creators of them will receive some of the revenue generated by the aforementioned Gargoyle case items.

Finally, Mannpower mode--which introduces powerups and grappling hooks into the mix--has finally left beta. You can expect a smoother experience than what was previously available, as well as a new map and three new powerups.

You can find a new TF2 comic on the official website, along with the always-entertaining rundown on the update, which reads in part: "What would you do if an evil wizard showed up at your door with a plot to kill you and your friends? Call the police? Because magic doesn't exist and he's probably just a local crazy person who should be in prison? Well congratulations, Aristotle, your lack of childlike wonder just ruined Halloween. Close your browser and go destroy something else with your logic, like Christmas."

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