Team Bondi announces PS3 game

Aussie dev house fronted by ex-Team Soho director is working on L.A. Noire for Sony's next-gen console.


Eighteen months ago, Brendan McNamara, director of the PlayStation 2 game The Getaway, left his position at Team Soho in London to form his own studio in his native Australia. The former employee of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe named the new six-person studio Team Bondi and immediately announced that the company had begun work on its first project, a game for "a next-generation Sony platform."

Team Bondi is now 44 employees strong and has shed a bit of light on its first game. On the company's Web site, the developer reveals that the game will be called L.A. Noire, and it will be a PlayStation 3 title. Little is known about the game except that it is described as a "detective thriller."

Team Bondi is in an exclusive agreement with Sony to produce two more PlayStation 3 games. The PlayStation 3 is expected to make its debut in spring of 2006.

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Finally! It's coming in the first half of 2011, and it's looking really good. Wow, it will be almost 6 years since it was announced by then.

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well it's 2010 and the game is still not coming out thias year.

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well it's 2009 and this game is still not coming out thias year. They hired more staff to try to finish it, but who knows when that will be. and is it still ps3 exclusive or not?

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Hope this game will come out on 360

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Cool. This is a good looking australian studio.

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This game will kick some serious butt!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I think this game will be kind of nice ...... I also hop there is will be a great characters ....... there is a tip for all studio creators ..... all the people seems to the characters not what happened in the game ............ but I'm '''' the both ''''