Team Arena Map Pak 1 now available

Id Software announces the release of an add-on pack for its Quake III Arena expansion pack.


Id Software has announced the release of Team Arena Map Pak 1, an add-on pack for Quake III: Team Arena, its expansion pack to Quake III Arena. The map pack includes four new team-style maps created by experienced map designers--Paul Jaquays, a designer for Id Software; Mr. Elusive, who programmed the artificial intelligence for the Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena bots; Astro Creep, a level editing forum moderator on Quake3World; and Drunken Boxer, a capture the flag and Team Arena forum moderator on Quake3World. The 16MB map pack can be downloaded from the link below. Id plans to release Team Arena Map Pak 2 later this year.

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