TDK launches new division

TDK Mediactive ships Shrek Treasure Hunt for the PlayStation under a new publishing label.


This morning, Los Angeles-based publisher TDK Mediactive announced that it has launched a new publishing division called TDK Impulse that is designed to appeal to mainstream buyers of video games. The first game that the company will release under this new label is Shrek Treasure Hunt, which started shipping to stores nationwide today. The PlayStation game, which requires Shrek to find missing picnic items throughout 10 different levels, will retail for $9.99.

"With video games reaching mass market proportions like never before, we felt the time was right to launch the TDK Impulse label," said Stefan Serwe, vice president global marketing at TDK Mediactive. "These titles, in particular, will be identified by their broad consumer appeal and will be marketed with a mass market price point, making them essentially impulse purchases."

TDK Mediactive made no comment on which future games would fall under its new Impulse label.

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