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Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Movie Blasts Off With $100 Million+ Worldwide

The concert movie is off to a quick start.


Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour movie opened in theaters this past weekend, and as everyone expected, it did big business. The movie earned $95 million - 97 million in North America and $31 million - $33 million from international markets for a global start of $126 million - $130 million worldwide, according to Deadline.

The current record-holder for biggest opening in North America in October belongs to Joker, which earned $96.2 million in 2019. The global record for best opening weekend in October also belongs to Joker, which made $248.4 million.

Comparing to concert films specifically, The Eras Tour movie is now the biggest all time for its opening weekend, surpassing Michael Jackson's This Is It, which made $74.25 million globally over its first weekend in 2009.

Something that could hurt international movie ticket sales for the film is the fact that Swift's Eras Tour has not yet gone overseas. The movie, which is directed by Sam Wrench, chronicles the concert itself, so anyone who hasn't been to a show might not want to see the film just yet. The Eras Tour heads to Japan, Australia, Singapore, France, Spain, and the UK in 2024.

Swift's Eras Tour movie cast such a large shadow that Blumhouse decided to change the release date of its new Exorcist movie to get out of her way. Studio head Jason Blum, who knows a thing or two about things that are scary, said he is terrified of Taylor Swift. For its second weekend, Swift's movie will go up against Hollywood giant Martin Scorsese's new movie, Killers of the Flower Moon, which comes to theaters this Friday, October 20.

Swift is estimated to earn more than $4 billion from the Eras Tour when all is said and done, making it the most lucrative music tour in history.

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