Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Update

We get a brief taste of the latest version of Capcom's Wii fighter.

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Capcom sent us a limited, work-in-progress version of its upcoming fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. The promising fighter mashes up Capcom’s stable of fighters with anime giant Tatsunoko’s roster to flashy, over-the-top effect. We’ve been eagerly waiting for more on the game since we last saw it at this year’s Tokyo Game Show and tried out new additions to the game roster. Unfortunately, our demo was pretty limited, and while any character was selectable, we could play only a few rounds before getting a “thanks for playing” message and getting kicked to the character select screen to start again.

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What's New: Not much. We were able to play with all the characters for a few matches.

What's Different: We couldn’t poke around to check out any of the different game modes or minigames. While we know they’re being included in some form, we still haven’t been able to check them out or try the online play.

What's The Same: The fighting system remains a good balance of fast, responsive, and flashy gameplay. The new roster additions all fit in nicely and didn’t seem too radically unbalanced.

What Impression The Game Made This Time: We’re still loving the combat and are eager to see the other game modes, especially online.

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