Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Update - New Character Reveal Yatterman 2

We check out one more addition to the upcoming Wii fighter, Yatterman's main squeeze.


With Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars almost out, Capcom recently stopped by to show us a final addition to the roster: Yatterman 2. For those who never followed the popular Tatsunoko Productions anime back in the '70s or its 2008 update, this may sound like some kind of lame palette swap roster addition, but it's actually not. Yatterman 2 is actually Ai-chan, Yatterman's special lady, and she comes packing a unique move set. We had a chance to see the perky, baton-wielding addition to the roster and are pleased by what she brings to the party.

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Yatterman 2 is the final unlockable character in the game. The specifics of how you unlock her are being kept under wraps, but we don't expect it's going to be too complicated. Yatterman's better half comes rocking a matching outfit to her man, with some strategically placed hearts, an energized baton, and an enormous robotic pelican. Yatterman 2's moves are unique and, based on our play time, brutally effective for combos. She can spin her baton into a shield to block attacks, dash at an enemy and segue into one of three attacks, or fire off a series of quick strikes with her baton a la Chun-Li's lighting kicks. However, one of the most useful and sneakiest moves is her energy burst, which comes from her baton. When triggered, Yatterman 2 will toss out a heart-shaped energy burst that she'll bat at her opponent with her baton. The sneaky bit to the attack is that the bursts bounce off surfaces in the level for a bit so it's possible for an enemy to dodge your initial burst but get hit by the rebound.

Yatterman 2's hyper and ultra combos feature the same quirky but powerful characteristics as her regular moves. The super passion attack is a souped-up version of her energy burst that you can charge to ridiculous proportions, that is, practically half the screen. The massive electrical heart is pretty tough to dodge because it also bounces off surfaces for a bit. Omotchama's Roll calls Yatterman 2's robot helper into the fray to trip up opponents up to three times. Finally, Yatterman 2's ultra combo summons the Yatter Pelican, a massive pelican-shaped mech, that shoots a series of mini penguins (which are naturally explosive) at an opponent. This Pelecanus robotus-centric attack ends with a mighty slam from the mech. While the attacks may look a little laughable, the damage they deal out is all business, especially when mixed into a combo.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is slated to ship later this month for the Wii, alongside some much needed arcade stick peripherals for the platform.

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Avatar image for Giratina98

:o Wow, yetterman is good :lol:

Avatar image for grasshopper6


Avatar image for meralonne

What?! No Speed Racer!!?? (lol)

Avatar image for Dualmask

I was glad to read that this game will have online play in the states...not because I particularly care for it, but because I know a lot of gamers do like online fighting for some reason and I also know the gaming media would drastically mark the game down if it doesn't have the feature. I would like this game to get as much positive support as possible, and if online multiplayer is the key to that, so be it. It's on my list of must-buy games but it's unlikely I'll ever play it online.

Avatar image for SmartGhost

of course its a must have but you gotta get no more heros 2 also that if you into that type of game

Avatar image for Nintendofreakx

I just found my 1st must have wii game of 2010. Can't wait to get this game.

Avatar image for NejiKusa

If they reveal the last super street fighter IV characters 3 weeks before it comes out im gonna be pissed.

Avatar image for Nitro702

I've been tracking this game for a long time finally it's coming a just a week.

Avatar image for smm217

At first, I didn't care for this game. Now that I saw a few gameplay videos of it, I may pick it up.

Avatar image for scatterbrain007

Ryu, Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman), AND TEKNOMAN??? There is a God.

Avatar image for game-ster23

This game looks great.

Avatar image for RerunVanPelt

I got a preorder!

Avatar image for Superzone

I wasn't initially excited for this, but now I'm dying to play it. Can't wait to buy this.

Avatar image for nate1222

Damn... Every time I see this game it looks more awesome. Waaaaaa! I want a Wii. Hey, what if Capcom brought Power Stone 2 (Dreamcast), Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike to the Wii? Then, add online. That'd rock! I'd snag'em so damn fast!

Avatar image for fon1988

Looks good, can't wait to pick this up soon.

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Avatar image for SmartGhost

another character sweet that brings the roster to what now i lost count after zero and frank west came into the spot light...but if this game where online id play with you guys..HELL YA

Avatar image for beny_pimpster

i forgot to mention, this will be best played if you have the gamecube controller unless ur rich and ready to make energizer or other battery company rich haha but i did heard wii have the rechargable battle thingy like ds and psp's

Avatar image for Crazyguy105

@TouoT: Nope sorry. Capcom already stated that this was and is going to be Wii exclusive. They said they feel the 360 and PS3 have enough fighting games. So they wanted to give the Wii some love.

Avatar image for KamuiSupremo

I hope online game would be great we need more online games for wii

Avatar image for superfakerbros

Game looks awesome!

Avatar image for superfakerbros

@TouoT - @regix416 basic - It's not going to come on the PS3 and 360 because they would have to start over from scratch and it's already been confirmed a Wii Exclusive.Though we all might get the sequel.

Avatar image for regix416_basic

I have a feeling it might come to the PS3 and 360, but maybe not any time soon. Hopefully it will open another series line like MvC did. Or if this does well, maybe we'll get the other games in the series.

Avatar image for TouoT

I have a feeling that it might come to PS3 and X360 too with new characters.

Avatar image for TouoT

Play the Japanese version & it was awesome. If they make Konami Vs. Capcom, Snake will be ready to fight.

Avatar image for ScionofEntropy

This game is ridiculous. I'll have to check it out.

Avatar image for Narroo

Shouldn't Speed Racer be in this game? He was Tatsunoko's first color series, and in the original one, he did a ton of hand-to-hand fighting.

Avatar image for RobVII

can't wait 4 this! Now if they did Capcom vs Square Enix - beastly

Avatar image for AwesomeChange

The only thing I know about Tatsunoko is that it created Speed Racer and Samurai Pizza Cats, but I'm still getting this game as it looks amazing and I had very fond memories about my last Vs Capcom game..Marvel Vs Capcom 1.

Avatar image for Giratina98

This game looks awesome! :D

Avatar image for Shu123

Cant wait 2 play dis game

Avatar image for jtthegame316

Evil_Robo thanks for giving me the release date. the wii is good just i like my xbox 360 better.

Avatar image for sebastempo

No idea who is Yatterman, but a new character is always welcome.

Avatar image for CautiousJ

This game just keeps gettin better :D

Avatar image for Evil_Robo

@jtthegame316. Its out in the UK on the 29th of this month. Another good game for the Wii, not that the haters will take any note mind.

Avatar image for beny_pimpster

the sad thing about wii is that they only get handfullof good games being released still this one is one those handful good games

Avatar image for Whale_

Looks superb. I might be interested getting this.

Avatar image for jtthegame316

nice if it is coming to the us it will probably come to the uk happy days

Avatar image for jedikevin2

I've had the japanese version for a while (before it was confirmed it would come to US). Great game. Prepare yourself for some insane air juggles. Luckly they took a cue from guilty gear series which ability to cancel out a juggle, less damage once a juggle hits a certain point in the air, and little features to help turn the tide of battle back to your side. Gonna be nice American version

Avatar image for Marioman87766

Yatterman-1 is my favorite charecter so, Yatterman-2 probaly can't be much worse and come on new charecters keep comin!

Avatar image for Naruchu

if this game has online updates so capcom could add new characterss then this is wii game of the year

Avatar image for acid_ice

shes the only character that doesn't appear in the boxart :( nice character btw :D

Avatar image for chappy_man

i love how they keep adding more its totally pumping up the expectations and excitement for its release

Avatar image for Silverback77

Hmmm cool addition to the roster, though I wish that Dante from the Devil May Cry series gets added on.

Avatar image for ModNinja

I have been playing the Japanese version... awesome game.. but cant wait to play the american version finally.. I'll be able to read the options and everything else ^_^

Avatar image for Zerosumgame

The wii doesn't need "hardcore" games, it just need good games. PERIOD! F!

Avatar image for AtlanticRock

I hope this sells well, the wii needs more fighters and hardcore games.

Avatar image for Legolas_Katarn

Alright another character. I should be getting this and Mass Effect 2 the same day

Avatar image for wahyudil

I've played the import version ... the game was already solid, cool, fast-paced action and hell lot of fun ... with more characters like this (with unique mini games for each char) ... this will become the game of the month .... consider one miliion sold .... if this is succeed ... publishers will see that wii have potentials, and they will release more -fighting- games to wii .... sigh ...

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