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Tara Strong Says Mario Should've Been Voiced By Charles Martinet In Movie

Strong says Chris Pratt is a fantastic actor, but reiterates that Martinet, the voice behind Mario in the video games, should've gotten the movie role.


Chris Pratt voicing Mario in the upcoming The Super Mario Bros. movie has raised eyebrows ever since the news broke, and veteran voice actor Tara Strong (Rugrats, Lollipop Chainsaw, Fairy Odd Parents, and much, much more) recently took to Twitter to question the casting decision.

Strong tweeted, "It should be Charles," the voice actor who has portrayed both Mario and Luigi since 1992 and has had a long working relationship with Nintendo. Others echoed Strong's sentiment in the replies and tweets.

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In a follow-up tweet, Strong pointed out how Hollywood can treat voice actors unfairly sometimes and overlook their hard work.

Strong also asked those on Twitter to share memories and photos with Charles Martinet.

Strong also later clarified that, "No one should be judging Chris, he’s a fantastic actor…This is only about what’s right and Charles should have been offered the role."

Charles Martinet will cameo in the Super Mario Bros. movie, but it's currently unknown what role he will play.

The first Super Mario Bros. movie trailer was released on October 6, showing off Mario's notoriously flat tush, as well as the Koopa army, and Bowser (voiced by Jack Black).

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