Tank Platoon Cancelled

Hasbro stops development of the tank sim in its tracks, attributing the mixed response to Gunship!


In the two years since MicroProse released the last M1 Tank Platoon tank simulation, the publisher was acquired by Hasbro, it stopped developing the venerable Falcon franchise, and last fall it released Gunship! to a mixed critical and fan response. GameSpot learned recently that development of M1 Tank Platoon III has now been cancelled.

Hasbro said in an official statement, "We had hoped to be able to expand combat simulations beyond the traditional niche, to broaden their appeal and make them a viable market for us to participate in. But what we learned from our recent release of Gunship! is that we're challenged to attract the hard-core fans and, at the same time, the more casual gamers. As both Gunship! and Tank Platoon! shared a common engine and game design, we saw little opportunity to rectify the situation and made the decision not to move forward with Tank Platoon!. This is allowing us to focus our development resources on new projects."

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