Tank Beat taking aim at DS

Quirky tank-centric action game for the DS will feature a plethora of real tanks; will roll out in Japan in November.


Tank Beat

From Combat and Battlezone to Tokyo Wars and Seek and Destroy, tanks have been the focus of games for almost as long as games have existed. Now Nintendo DS owners who always wanted to hop into a German Jagdpanther or take a Soviet T-34/85 for a spin can look forward to Milestone's entry into tank-based action gaming, Tank Beat. Famitsu today revealed a few early details about the upcoming game and its main modes of play.

Tank Beat's main focus will be the story mode, in which players clear missions to progress. Playing well will not only unlock new tanks to use in subsequent stages, but it will also determine how the story unfolds.

The game will also have a trial mode that lets players replay individual missions from the story mode, as well as special stand-alone missions. Local wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity will allow for head-to-head battles with other players, whether they're in the same room or across the country. Tank Beat is scheduled for release in Japan this November.

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