Tamagotchi Hits Home

Bandai brings its Tamagotchi juggernaut to console systems.


Never one to miss out on an opportunity, Bandai is bringing its ultra-popular Tamagotchi game to console systems. At the recent Tokyo Game Show in Japan, the company showed off the prize bird.

The Nintendo 64 version of the game is mainly a board game, with each character making its way around the board and running into various problems/contests/obstacles along the way. The graphics and animation are incredibly smooth, although the videotaped gameplay that we saw appears to be lacking.

On the other hand, the PlayStation version looks much more like the Tamagotchi that many know and love. The game can be compared to a full color version of the Game Boy title, which has all the features of the LCD key chain game and more.

Here are screenshots from both the N64 and PlayStation versions of the game. No information on a US release of either of these titles has been announced, but the popularity of the game in this country doesn't rule it out.

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