Talk To Pikachu With Amazon Alexa Or Google Home

Pikachu "will respond with classic lines like 'pika?', 'pika pika!', and 'pikaaaaa.'"


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Pokemon Day falls on February 27 each year, coinciding with the anniversary of the original Pokemon Red and Green release in Japan. This year, the Pokemon Company is rolling out several tech-related goodies to celebrate, including an Amazon Alexa- and Google Home-compatible app that lets you talk to Pikachu "live" and Snapchat filters based on the first-generation starter Pokemon.

Pikachu Talk, which is already available in Japan, is now available for Amazon Alexa in "most countries" and Google Home in the US. With Pikachu Talk, you can ask Pikachu questions, and it will respond with a variation of its name. (It seems like this doesn't include any lines in a human language, a la Detective Pikachu or Pikachu from the the recent Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You.)

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Speaking of I Choose You, the film--which is inspired by the early Pokemon episodes but has its own twists--will be available to stream on the PokemonTV app. The movie originally aired in theaters during a special release in November 2017.

The celebration continues with new Snapchat filters based on the Kanto region starters. Bulbasaur will roll out first, followed by Charmander and then Squirtle. You can also pick up some special merch from the Pokemon Center, including pins and a new Charizard gallery figure that will kick off a special line of larger Pokemon figures. You can see the filters, figure, and pins above.

Finally, there will be a special Pikachu available in Pokemon Go as part of the festivities. You can find more details on all the Pokemon Day activities on the Pokemon website.

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