Tales of the Tempest delayed in Japan

Second slip sets DS role-playing game's ship date to before year's end across the Pacific.


Today Bandai Namco announced that its Tales of the Tempest role-playing game for Japanese DS users has been delayed. This is the second time the release date has slipped: It's gone from April 13 to June 8, and now to "before the end of 2006," in Japan.

In a brief announcement, the company apologized to fans of the series and explained that the development team needed additional time to create a high-quality product. "We're including new techniques in this game, things that are only possible on the Nintendo DS and that haven't been seen in previous 'Tales of...' games. We're working hard to produce a game that both existing fans and new buyers will enjoy."

The company promised to set a firm release date later in 2006, and the game will retail for 5,040 yen (about $43) after sales tax. No US release date for the game has been set.

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