Tales of Symphonia site unveiled

Namco takes the wraps off the official site for its upcoming GameCube RPG.


Tales of Symphonia

Namco has opened the official site for its newly announced Nintendo GameCube game, Tales of Symphonia. In Tales of Symphonia, the main character Lloyd goes on a journey with his friends Genius and Colette. Their aim is to save their dying world, Silvaland, and make it prosperous as it once was. Colette is a descendent of the Mana tribe and is believed to possess the power to save the world by ultimately changing into an angel. While Lloyd and his friends go through many perils to find their way, they soon discover the truth about their world and that the prosperity of their world means the degeneration of another world named Teseiala, which is the flip side of Silvaland. As their journey continues and Colette's sense of humanity thins down as she becomes closer to an angel, Lloyd's doubts about sacrificing one world in order to save another become deeper and deeper.

Tales of Symphonia is scheduled for release within the year. We'll have more on the game soon.

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