Tales of Symphonia announced for the Nintendo GameCube

Namco reveals a new RPG in its Tales series.


In the latest issue of the Weekly Jump magazine, Namco has announced details about its new Tales title for the Nintendo GameCube, Tales of Symphonia. Tales of Symphonia does not seem to be related to any Tales title released in the past. The game revolves around a world called Silvaland, which is breaking apart, and it is up to the main characters to save it. There is also a brief mention of a world named Teseiala, which seems to be the flip side of Silvaland. The two worlds balance each other out, and when one world flourishes, the other world diminishes. The main character in the game is Lloyd Arving, a 17-year-old boy who was raised by dwarves after losing his parents in childhood. Together with his 12-year-old magician friend, Genious Sage, they go on a journey with a girl named Colette Brunel. Colette, who has the blood of the Mana tribe, is believed to be able to save the world by ultimately turning into an angel.

For the first time in the series, Tales of Symphonia will be featured in full 3D. Although the details are unknown, the linear motion battle sequence that the series is known for will evolve to accommodate the 3D environment. The official illustrator for Tales of Symphonia will be Kosuke Fujishima, the illustrator of the original Tales of Phantasia and also the author of the popular manga and anime series Ah! My Goddess.

The release date and price for Tales of Symphonia has yet to be announced.

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