Tales of Graces F journeying to North America

Namco Bandai confirms latest installment in anime-infused action RPG series is "coming soon" to US on PS3.


Tales of Graces

Namco Bandai has already had a busy day following news this morning that it would be publishing From Software's Dark Souls in 2011 and Armored Core V in 2012. However, the publisher isn't stopping there, and this time it will be fans of Japanese role-playing games that should take note. Namco Bandai has updated its official Tales website to announce that Tales of Graces F is "coming soon" to North America on the PlayStation 3.

The quest for strength and wisdom is practically the national pastime in Japan.
The quest for strength and wisdom is practically the national pastime in Japan.

Tales of Graces F takes place on Efinea, a planet dominated by three kingdoms competing for the right to rule. After losing a close friend, Asbel, the eldest son of a feudal lord, enlists in a knight's academy in his kingdom's capital to learn to better protect those he loves. Asbel's father subsequently dies, and Asbel then takes his place as a feudal lord, and the adventure begins.

Tales of Graces originally saw release on the Wii in Japan in December 2009. The game was followed by Tales of Graces F for the PlayStation 3, a game that sold more than 250,000 units in Japan within two weeks of its release in December 2010.

For more on Tales of Graces F, check out GameSpot's hands-on with the game from the 2010 Tokyo Game Show.

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