Tales of Eternia Hands-On

We try out Namco's PSP port of its role-playing game Tales of Eternia.


TOKYO--Namco's Tales of Eternia for the PSP is basically a port of the PlayStation's Tales of Eternia, which was released in Japan in 2000 and in the United States in 2001 under the name of Tales of Destiny II. Back on the PlayStation, Tales of Eternia shipped on three CDs. However, with the PSP's universal media disc (UMD), it seems that the game will all fit on just one disc. The game itself fits the mold of other anime-inspired role-playing games.

The demo we played at TGS let us move the main character, Rid Hershel, around his home village of Rasheans, and while the village is one of the more simple-looking areas in the game, it still looked pretty sharp on the PSP. In the village, we were able to talk to civilians, purchase items, and watch a small scene with the heroine Farah when we stepped into the stables. Rasheans was directly connected to the Morle village in the demo, which is an area located on top of a huge tree. The change was a nice addition, since we got to see how well the PSP was able to handle the green shading contrasts of such a location.

At its current stage of development, Tales of Eternia feels more or less like an evaluation program--it's not very far along yet. The game didn't have any sound, and we were limited to walking around the two areas in the demo and couldn't get out to the field screen or check out the game's battle system. But in the areas that were available, Tales of Eternia was looking good. We were also treated to the nice opening movie from the PlayStation version before beginning the game.

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