Tales of Eternia coming to the PSP in March

Namco's first RPG for the PSP is dated in Japan; port of the 2000 PlayStation version gets tweak to graphics.


TOKYO--Namco announced today that it will release Tales of Eternia for the PSP on March 3 in Japan.

Tales of Eternia for the PSP was previously announced under the working title T.O.E. The game is essentially a port of the PlayStation edition released in 2000, albeit with graphical refinements and some changes that accommodate the PSP's screen. It seems that Namco is intentionally launching the game on March 3 (3/3), as Tales of Eternia was originally released as the third installment in the Tales series.

In America, Tales of Eternia was released under the name Tales of Destiny II. For a look back at the PlayStation original, check out GameSpot's earlier coverage.

The game is will be priced at 4,800 yen ($47).

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