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Take-Two Has 93 Games In Development, But Company Won't Comment On GTA

The company is working on nearly 100 games right now, but it's possible some won't be released.


Take-Two Interactive, the owner of Rockstar Games and 2K Games, confirmed on an earnings call that it has a whopping 93 titles in development, but the company won't say if a new version of Grand Theft Auto V is among them.

During the earnings call, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff said the 93 games are scheduled to launch by the end of March 2025. However, they might not all release. The 93 games represent what Take-Two has in the works right now, but Slatoff cautioned that, "It is likely that some of these titles will not be developed through completion and we will undoubtedly be adding new titles to our slate."

During a Q&A, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked if a new version of Grand Theft Auto V (presumably for next-gen consoles) would be one of the 93 titles planned for release by the end of 2025. The executive declined to comment, but the company did confirm that the 93 titles will come from all of Take-Two's divisions, including Rockstar.

"We haven't yet made any announcements that aren't reflected in today's release. We don't talk about specific new titles at these calls, we leave those discussions to the labels," Zelnick said.

In addition to Rockstar, Take-Two owns 2K Games and 2K Sports, while it also operates an indie publishing label with Private Division. Take-Two also owns the mobile game company SocialPoint.

Of the 93 titles in development, they include:

  • 63 "core gaming experiences," including 15 "platform extensions of existing titles"
  • 17 are "mid-score or arcade-style experiences"
  • 13 are "casual" experiences
  • 47 of the 93 are from existing franchises and 46 are from new IP
  • 72 of the 93 games are coming to console, PC, and/or streaming
    • 7 of these will be available on mobile
    • 21 are in development exclusively for mobile

In terms of the business models, 67 of the 93 games are paid titles, while 26 will be free-to-play. Take-Two also confirmed that the 93 releases does not include DLC or add-ons.

Overall, Zelnick said Take-Two has the "strongest development pipeline in its history, including sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP."

Slatoff summarized Take-Two's initiative in this way: "We'd like to keep up this velocity. It's really important for us to build scale. And this is one way we're doing it--we need more at-bats."

Take-Two's release slate for Fiscal 2021 will be "light," but management said it expects to release an "array of titles" in Fiscal 2022.

In April, Kotaku reported that Rockstar Games had begun work on the next Grand Theft Auto Game, but the studio has yet to announce it. Grand Theft Auto V continues to perform exceptionally well, recently passing 130 million copies sold, with microtransaction revenue continuing to grow.

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