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Take-Two Won't Rule Out GTA HD Collection, Explains GTA 5 PC Delay

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We've seen multiple re-releases of the Grand Theft Auto games over the years (see this month's HD re-release of San Andreas on Xbox 360), but the franchise has never gotten a full re-master along the lines of the upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection. With the increasing popularity of the Xbox One and PS4, is it possible we could revisit Liberty City and Vice City on current-gen? That possibility isn't completely off the table--Take-Two CEO, the parent company behind Rockstar and 2K games says that he "wouldn't rule anything out," with regard to a possible GTA collection.

During an investor call earlier today, Strauss Zelnick responded to a question about repackaging the previous GTA games like the Master Chief Collection saying, "In any given year we and our key competitors launch new intellectual properties and new iterations of older properties. And occasionally, when we see a platform shift, we will take an old property and create an iteration of that in a very similar form for next-gen. And we wouldn't rule anything out. That would be driven by the market opportunity that we perceive, and the potential for delivering a quality release. And that would be very much something that also would be driven by the passion of our labels [Rockstar and 2K]. It would not be something that we would mandate to our labels. Our labels are driven by the desire to delight consumers and pursue their creative passions, and that's been a formula that's worked extraordinarily well for this company for the past seven years [referring to the takeover…] So we don't have a policy answer to it, except our job around here is to make sure that consumers are thrilled; to deliver the very best titles in the marketplace and to make sure that for the top creative talent industry that this is the number one place to work."

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While, that doesn't mean that a GTA, Max Payne, or Red Dead HD remake are even in consideration, it does show that the company is open to exploring that avenue. And if the Master Chief Collection scores big for Microsoft, that might even be more incentive for Take-Two's publishers to revisit their own back catalogs.

During the call, Zelnick also reiterated statements made last month about why the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V had been delayed to January 2015. "When we move a title, it's almost always the same answer, which is giving a title a bit more development time to make sure that it can be everything that it ought to be. And while we would prefer never to change a release date, it's proven to be a good move for us in general. We have the highest Metacritic ratings in the business, and that correlates with revenue and ultimately, of course, profitability."

Regardless, would you want to see a "Grand Theft Auto Collection" come to current-gen platforms, or should Rockstar focus their efforts on GTA Online and the inevitable GTA 6? Let us know in the comments below.

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