Take-Two takes three from SCi

2K Games attains North American publishing rights for Carmageddon, Conflict: Global Terror, and Reservoir Dogs.


Take-Two's newly formed label, 2K Games, continues to wheel and deal, making a name for itself in the gaming industry. Launched on January 25, 2K Games has already grabbed the rights to Bethesda's upcoming Elder Scrolls IV and Call of Cthulhu, Firaxis' Civilization IV, and exclusive rights to third-party Major League Baseball titles.

Last October, SCi announced that "a leading US publisher" was granted the North American publishing rights to Conflict: Global Terror, the next Carmageddon title, and Reservoir Dogs, based on Quentin Tarantino's cult film. Take-Two today revealed itself as the mystery publisher and announced that it will distribute all three titles under its subbrand 2K Games.

The next title in the Conflict series, Conflict: Global Terror, will be released in the fall of 2005 on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. The title brings the series into modern times and sees team members of Delta Force quelling terrorism around the world. One of Take-Two's other subbrands, GlobalStar Software, published SCi's Conflict: Vietnam last October.

SCi also has a new Carmageddon title in the shop. Tentatively titled Carmageddon 4, the game will be released on the PC, PS2, and Xbox this fall. No details have been released about the game as of yet, but if stays with the series' trademarks, expect bloody fenders and vehicular violence. The original Carmageddon, released in 1997, made headlines for its gameplay that critics claimed contained gratuitous gore, mainly because gamers were rewarded for running over pedestrians.

2K Games will also be publishing a game based on the 1992 film Reservoir Dogs for the PS2, Xbox, and PC. The title will bring gamers into the smarmy and silver-tongued criminal world presented by writer, director, and sometimes actor Quentin Tarantino (aka "Mr. Brown"). Reservoir Dogs will hit the streets in 2006.

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