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Take-Two takes in Irrational

Publisher's adds more muscle to its PC roster with SWAT 4 studio, will release BioShock for PC and "next-gen consoles" in 2007.


Last week, Take-Two Interactive released a financial report that predicted it will take a per-share loss for the current quarter. However, that isn't stopping the publisher from continuing to beef up its roster of PC development talent--in the form of acclaimed studio Irrational Games. This morning, Take-Two reps confirmed to GameSpot that the acquisition is indeed in the offing.

Previously, Irrational had a long-standing relationship with VU Games, which published its acclaimed PC shooter SWAT 4 and its comic-book-inspired Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich. However, their relationship soured after VU ceased online support for Tribes: Vengeance following tepid sales.

Farther back, Irrational had a deal with Electronic Arts, which published System Shock 2. Ironically, EA recently renewed the System Shock trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office, meaning a sequel could be in the future.

Take-Two also confirmed that it will publish Irrational's role-playing/first-person shooter BioShock for the PC and as-yet unnamed "next-gen platforms" in 2007. Given Take-Two's proclivity for porting top-tier PC action games like Prey and Elder Scrolls IV to the Xbox 360, it is almost certain it will be released on Microsoft's new console.

Billed as a spiritual successor--but not a sequel--to System Shock 2, BioShock follows a protagonist through a genetic-research lab with ties to the World War II. Unfortunately, the lab is filled with mutated creatures that may have been once human. Luckily, the protagonist will have a host of superhuman abilities, courtesy of a Deus Ex-like skill system.

For more on BioShock, check out GameSpot's exclusive preview of the game.

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