Take-Two shelves Manhunt 2

Plans to release game "temporarily suspended" while publisher continues exploring options.


In the wake of international bans and an Adults Only rating in the US, Manhunt 2 won't make its July 10 release date, Take-Two Interactive has confirmed. The game had been expected to ship that day for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo Wii.

"Take-Two Interactive Software has temporarily suspended plans to distribute Manhunt 2 for the Wii or PlayStation platforms while it reviews its options with regard to the recent decisions made by the British Board of Film Classification and Entertainment Software Rating Board," a representative told GameSpot. "We continue to stand behind this extraordinary game. We believe in freedom of creative expression, as well as responsible marketing, both of which are essential to our business of making great entertainment."

While the ESRB's initial rating of an AO for Adults Only doesn't explicitly prohibit the game from being sold, most major US retailers refuse to carry AO games, and console manufacturers prohibit their third-party publishers from releasing AO titles on their systems.

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Chris8529, don't think anyone could of said it better! I think this game is sick...what sorta perferted, twisted person came up with the idea of making this game?...why would anyone want to condone murder and consider been able play and enjoy 'pretend' murder as our contitutional right?...this game is discusting and I think the BBFC shouldn't lift the ban now or in the future.

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Well then I guess you have a right to fear for the future then.

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I think the problem here is not the rating. If you look at games like movies & realize that there are Adult movies R-rating & kid movies PG-G and a little of both PG-13 Few people would want their kids to see a movie with Hannibal Lector as this movie is clearly geared towards Adults. However it would be silly for the Theatre refusing to show that movie based on the assumption that movies are for kids. Some are some are not. Same with games, Manhunt is for adults & should only be purchased by adults. For game stores to not carry it is the same as a theatre not showing R-rated movies. I say let the free market take care of this one. Rockstar makes good games and they will sell. Gamers who want to play it will purchase it where they can and it will be EB/Wally's loss not Rockstar or the Gamer.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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How many Manhunt 2 news topics have we had within the last week? I think this is starting to get rediculous.

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Well gears6180, at least you proved to the people here why games such as Manhunt don't belong in children's hands.

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Well i'll debit a bit away from this subject, not too far :p I remember renting manhunt for ps2 back then and i only got it to half coz some mor*ns decided to scratch the CD and therefore avoiding my continuous play. But, I did not stop there.. i went on renting it from other clubs, and still the same thing and I could only advance so little. Yet today I have not finished the game and sad to say i liked all that violence and sh*t. Manhunt 2 feels so ahead of what was going on in the 1st one, and still so much violence. So, YES, I want it out on shelfs. Plz don't hold a grudge of what I'm about to say but it kinda has to be banned from the US as Battle Royal 1 & 2 had. P.s. kids are going nuts there, going with Uzi's and cleaning the whole school out? come on!!! and that didnt just happen once ! :O

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So not even adults are capable of being responsible enough to buy this game now? Can somebody please slap every human being on Earth upside the head?

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and with the wii controls.....yea i can see how it got AO....oh well. guess I'll just have to wait for SSBB

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Indeed, what WOULD Chuck Norris do?

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Dang, i was looking froward to this, I haven't got a game for my wii in a while now.... quick Q tho; why did it get AO rating? for excise violence/real like violence? or was there nudety too?

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I think Take Two should have expected this given the subject matter and if Rockstar went overboard with the subject matter. This should be reworked visually for the 360 and released on that.

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This ban is stupid, especially since people are able to see movies like Hostel II, with no repercussions. Banning a game like Manhunt 2 is just dumb. Didn't Leisure Suit Larry (XBox ) have an AO rating? We should be able to play what we want.

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If they decide to never release this game it's going to open a whole new can of worms when it comes to whats good for us and what's not and I sure as hell dont want the government to tell me what I can and can not watch,read or play unless you want a country like george orwells 1984!!

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so far the way i see it is, if people are banning games for violence and no story just killing people to somehow regain memory of your past "manhunt 2" then why didnt the first game get banned there was enough sex, violence and not very much story either

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This sicken me. What right do the BBFC and ESRB have to tell me what games i can and cannot play. Its not just a sad day for games its a sad day for personal freedom and free speech.

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cmon i was psyched about playing a game so violent its banned in certain countries and major retailers wont carry it..i hope they dont take a ton of stuff out to make it rated m

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This is clear as day censorship if you ban this game you might aswell ban all violent movies like hostal and saw and violent music most of it rap music no offense to people who like rap music

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For those wanting an "adult" game, do you not realize that is exactly what M-rated games are? Sure, it can be confusing since we have TV-MA, which is 14+, and R-rated movies, which is 17+, and finally M-rated games, which are also 17+. But to say "I'm an adult and want to play adult games" simply shows that you are too desensitized by today's standard media to realize that you are already playing them. You have kid's games, such as Leapfrog Learning or whatever, then there are family games, which are Mario and maybe some of the earlier Zeldas, etc. There's Teen games, which are some of the darker themed games like Twilight Princess or basic shooters. Finally, Mature games are just that: very mature. They are your Dooms, GTAs, Gears of War. To say that these still aren't "adult" enough is to say that you lust for over-the-top violence and sex appeal. Sorry for using the soapbox there, but that is one of the most poorly contrived arguments I have seen here.

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At this point, eff consoles. I love them, but god damn they're a bunch of tightwads. Release it PC exclusive. Censorship FTL.

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this is total BS... no not you GS you are good for telling us (pets GS) anyways I've recently seen a huge change with the UK with this Catholic church crap and it's really pissy when a damn religion is controlling the global gaming industry. ya know what Take2... You should release it for PC only (if the consoles wont port it) and we will all buy it. I would actually buy like 3 or 4 copies just to support you guys going against the UK and rating industries SO GO FOR IT!

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Well at least this game is bringing out the butt hurt individuals who are afraid of a game because of animated violence. Maybe if this was an anime RPG, feelings would be different around here.

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Take two should know better, a game like that will only see the day on a PC. This is great publicity though and a great way to get gamers to push on the console manufacturers.

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I know they dont "ban" AO games per say, but Nintendo and Sony dont allow AO games on their consoles. Xbox will prolly say the same thing. This sucks I'm an adult and I want to play adult games. The British side of things really disappoint me because they would not even rate the game. I mean I would have moved to europe because anything games there. We apparently sex gets the US all worked up, Read hot coffee GTA. Apparently Europe gets all worked up over violence, read Germany censoring anything Nazi/black metal. I think I can choose what I want to play without stupid stuff like this happening. Too bad this will get a lot of slack from the conservative right for a murder sim. I really want to know what makes this game so bad, I watched a clip on youtube and it was kind of funny how bad the game looked. I want to play a game where you are in WWII and you have to fight to stay alive but you have no food so you need to kill Germans and then eat them for stamina. Kind of like MGS3 but of the AO flavor. And then the game twists and the guys starts going through changes and starts looking like a mutant or a vampire. (The last part might be alittle over the top but hey) Might as well throw some "girly" magazines in there for good measure.

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One thing that I have noticed is that virtually everyone's comments have received a significant amount of negative ratings. If only one person is doing this, then that person is abusing the system, and that person should stop. Also, I feel that the game is receiving such negative attention due to the Wii's control scheme. Perhaps if they removed the Wii port, the game's rating would be downgraded to an M rating.

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ranglah took the words right out of my mouth

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And furthermore, to b*tch about the "game not coming out" because "people/parents have the right to make the choice what they play/what their kids play", yet not realize that Take-Two, MS, Sony, and Nintendo have made the choice to NOT make the game or allow it on their systems.....would be contradicting one's self. Again, it's a rating, a choice, a business decision.....not a ban (in US that is).

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i will say, thank u rockstar if they released manhunt for the pc nobody cant do enything about it.

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Yay I'm soooo happy that its been shelved. Let's hope it never comes out from its prison cell.

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Since I'm an American, I won't address the issue in England. I'm also not a fan of censorship or the government banning artistic visions or forms of entertainment (if no real person or animal actually gets hurt). However, this is simply a situation where the ESRB handed down a AO rating (possibly a necessary rating at that). The publisher therefore chose to pull the game. (AO games never make anywhere near enough money to cover the production costs) Therefore if you are to place blame at someone, blame Take Two. I however do not blame them, or the ESRB. If the game was banned by law in the U.S. I would b*tch about it. Since it was just a rating, I have to say "that's just the way it is".

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Good riddance to shock-rock rubbish. I'm not for censorship in games, I think the ratings system is a good thing to have and parents have to actually PARENT (PLEASE) and make these decisions rather than insisting the government do it for them. That said, as has been pointed out by others, this isn't censorship on the US end, and as an American that's what I'll comment on. Its a decision by the ESRB as to the content, followed by three corporations deciding they do not want their products associated with it. It has been my strong belief that without shock value games like this, BMX XXX, and Postal wouldn't sell at all, and that they exist in a realm void of artistic merit. I won't be crying any tears for Manhunt's demise and I hope it won't be back.

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game design is a form of art,banning art is messed up.my last comment auto posted,im on wii so sorry if that sounded bad!1

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good point shazaila and andyraeside and sniperdoggy....... and police08...ahh f*** you too Berfomek_666 (who's screen name is probably worse than the content in manhunt 2,(my opinion) they really should just release two versions of the game like they did san andreas.

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redxwarriorxxx said :- "With as much violence in games now you have to wonder what they did different to get this rating." Apparently from what i've gathered... while other games like GTA and so on have a storyline that puts the violence into somekind of context, Manhunt 2 doesn't. Its just gratuitous violence from the word go. What bugs me though is the nannyism. The ERSB and the BBFC have basicly decided that the consumer doesn't want this game and is unsuitable for anyone. What happened to being given the choice. Seriously... If you don't like violent games... don't play them and if your the type of person who takes these types of games very seriously and get the idea you want to imitate Manhunt, GTA etc etc... you probably need to put the controller down and seek medical and psychiatric advice. Violent people aren't made through playing video games... Voilent people just have it in them... regardless.

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i will not buy it if they cut manhunt2.

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wow unbelievable, it's a game and let the parents decide.

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I wonder how GTA 4 will turn out then.....

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there's a very simple way to fix this just release two different versions of the game 1. the cut M rated version of the game with less violence and sex 2. the uncut bloodlust super sexified version and let the consumers choose what version they want so we dont have to deal with this censorship BS ANY LONGER!!!

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With as much violence in games now you have to wonder what they did different to get this rating.

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Well that sucks! That sucks really hard!

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I never really like games like manhunt

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I'm still laughing.... poor Take-Two

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im guessing this game isnt coming out, and cutting the game will suck. Either a complete redesign in time for next year, or its going to be cancelled, ah well

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David_I: I realize this society isn't perfect, and you stated a couple examples of that. I am simply saying we have societal norms right now, and most of us, despite whether or not you want to play the game, should see that this game in particular is extraordinarily violent. I don't condone this violence, in the fantasy or real world, but I have also in all of my postings not said that others shouldn't be allowed to play it. By making as big a fuss (for lack of a better word) as everyone seems to be doing, you are in fact enacting the process of making a change to society. As of now, societal norms say this game is too violent to distribute, but in a few years, maybe this level of violence will be looked at differently (although I hope not), or at least become more acceptable in the visual mediums.

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Man, talk about a firestorm topic. Take-Two must be pissed at it's need to edit it, but thrilled at all the publicity. For my part, like others I stick it on the inability of most parents to actually BE informed parents. Like someone said, it's not that hard to ask about the game. Even for the computer illiterate. Maybe.....I dunno...LOOK at the game packaging? It's not like they put same fake cover of CandyLand on it with the real disc inside, it's pretty damn obvious if you use your eyes and read. Me personally, wasn't interested in the game, and I like violent games, but instead of taking it out of EVERYONE'S hands, why not have adults sign waivers or guarantee not to distribute to children or something so if it does wind up in little Jimmy's hands, it's their own fault. Nah.....guess too much paperwork. Really, I rather see more sex in our society than violence. And no it's not a perv thing (well, maybe a little). But I rather kids be learning about being comfortable with themselves and RESPONSIBLE sexuality as teens and adults than how to load an M-16 and what caliber bullets are needed for an SMG. Eitherway, I bet a sociology grad student is probably gonna have a field day with this....

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@Dr_Swordopolis: I agree with what you wrote, but if we look in other directions there are a lot of things that do not benefit society and many appear on tv, further more many fast food franchises should be baned for the damage they do to our body but we get to choose what and were we eat (just to make a point). The consumers should judge if a product is suitable for them. A lot of violence can be found of video games, even sports. Some enjoy the fact of a human beating up another (btw I like box). Who has the right to tell you what you can purchase or not? Well just my opinion.

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I think this is just a business ploy to get everyones attention in the gaming world and elsewhere. Everyone is hyped about GTAIV coming out, but they have other games in the line-up being relased before that. Why would they want to lose out on making good money off of a product that's about to hit the market? This game is about premeditated murder and thus making a fuss about the rating of AO will attract people to it when it comes out.

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Last I checked I don't live in Cuba or China. it's only a game. Their is so much more violence on the local news, and in our daily lives, This is censorship pure and simple. Please stop telling me what is good or bad for me. I want to smoke, drink, eat junk food, and play video games without all those christians getting in my way. Everything that is wrong today is because of fanatical religious zealots. Remeber, ITS JUST A VIDEO GAME!!! No one was harmed in the making, except some thumb splinters.