Take-Two shelves Manhunt 2

Plans to release game "temporarily suspended" while publisher continues exploring options.


In the wake of international bans and an Adults Only rating in the US, Manhunt 2 won't make its July 10 release date, Take-Two Interactive has confirmed. The game had been expected to ship that day for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo Wii.

"Take-Two Interactive Software has temporarily suspended plans to distribute Manhunt 2 for the Wii or PlayStation platforms while it reviews its options with regard to the recent decisions made by the British Board of Film Classification and Entertainment Software Rating Board," a representative told GameSpot. "We continue to stand behind this extraordinary game. We believe in freedom of creative expression, as well as responsible marketing, both of which are essential to our business of making great entertainment."

While the ESRB's initial rating of an AO for Adults Only doesn't explicitly prohibit the game from being sold, most major US retailers refuse to carry AO games, and console manufacturers prohibit their third-party publishers from releasing AO titles on their systems.

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United states went down hill when guns became illegal. This game is sick and unneccessarily violent, GTA i like , its fun adn there was more purpouse to the violence, this? Just sickening. Ban away. Its ridiculous that the censoring organisations would have made such a big deal about sex in gta, and almost let this out. So what everyone will eventually (should) do the above, but gruesomely murdering people? no thx.

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United States is going down hill. President is a joke, freedoms are disappearing, living costs are increasing, wars are waged incorrectly, Manhunt 2 release is in limbo. What the heck am I still doing here? Oh yeah: Crispy Donuts.

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Totally nailed it Psyclown! I agree with you 100% Hell i played every single violent game since the original Wolfenstein and I haven't gone out on shooting spree! Americans just can't see where the real problem is! It's that part in their constitution that says that every citizen is entitled to own a weapon.It's not the Wild West guys and it sure as hell ain't Iraq! And every time I see f****ng Charlton Heston hold up a rifle I just want to stick it up his a**

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Wow they totally blew it. How could they not predict how the esrb and the international review agencies would react to a game by them. That's the worst thing that could ever happen to Rockstar and it makes me wonder in the future if this is going to change how Rockstar designs and creates games in the future. I say yes and hope next time who ever is in charge of game development at the company has better judgement. That being said, its crazy that manhunt would be censored and a movie like hostel would not be banned. I wonder just when people will realize there is no difference between being an active participant and a passive observer, it'll still effect an individual the same way. A bloody violent action movie will be just as bad as a game featuring the same content.

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Hmmm, censorship... dangerous place to be going... Bit ridiculous too, considering what's been happening in other mediums (movies, TV). There seems to be a whole new genre of mainstream torture films in Saw, Hostel et al. and Jack Bauer regularly tortures people on a weekly basis on TV, yet a 'game' which doesn't go as far gets completely and utterly blackballed by the ratings boards and console manufacturers... Doesn't make sense to me.

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If Take 2 does release the game, what can Sony, Nintendo or anyone do to stop a person from playing it on a system?

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I don't get it i can look at more mature web sites on both the ps3 and wii web browsers....

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Maybe it deserves AO, maybe it doesn't.. There's nothing wrong with it being rated AO, the problem is that companies won't publish, stores won't sell. Games for adults are perfectly fine, as long as it IS adults playing them. Just like SSBM getting T because it has swords, guns and weapons. Apparently the JT's of the world are influenced by EVERYTHING they see!

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"Resident evil 4 just came out for it and u blow off zombies heads, and there is a guy with a hook in him, burning and much more, that got a M rating" Thats the whole dilemna. The politicians dont care about the content, but the context. Do whatever you want to a non-human (unless, of course, its a pet or cute animal) but lord forbid you do something horrible to another human being.

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I hope this game is able to make it out to us.

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Well i am training to become a police officer and yes i have a wii and the main reason i want this game is because many games for the wii are pointed at children and for the "family" This would be a nice change for the mature (+17) . Resident evil 4 just came out for it and u blow off zombies heads, and there is a guy with a hook in him, burning and much more, that got a M rating, so there no reason to go with an AO ratng, M would be fine but i do believe that stores would have to really enforce the M rating on this game. An idea: ID everyone that looks under 25 years old. let the MEN have there games.

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This is so stupid! I don't think it deserves AO.

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Bad news for Wii fans, this was looking to be the game that was going to help squash the comments that the Wii is primarily a "kid friendly" system not meant for true gamers (like my brother is always saying). I hope a Mature rating can be worked out eventually for this game so it can make it to my Wii some day soon.

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this game does look F***** up but i dont think it should be banned cuz it could give some body entertainment.

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Christian game makers made Christian games for Christian families against the wishes of Nintendo and (as far as I know) they got away with it.

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I think is dangerous for countries to actually ban this type of material. I mean, most adults (and yes I know there are a few Looney toons our there) are perfectly capable of making there own decision. On the other hand, maybe there should be more AO ratings and more games developed to hit that market... the industry just needs to setup distribution for them. As for company of the console systems banning the games, that's ridiculous. Last I heard they were catering to adults and trying to make these machines with huge price tags an entertainment package... you don't see DVD manufacturers banning the use of porn on their machines. If this were a PC game, they could simply distribute online (naturally some parents would just give their kids a credit card, let them order without supervision and then call their congress man/woman later with a complaint.). For the record, I would never buy this type of game. It's not my genre or interest at all, but like the others who have said as much, I don't like the precedence this could set. The movie indusstry only has some minor restrictions, why shouldn't the gaming industry have the same freedom.

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so what is happining now with manhunt?

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oh well, I wasn't gonna get this game anyway but this is stupid, I mean movies like saw and hostile get and R rating which is basically an M and a game that is a lot like those gets and AO, which is basically and NC-17

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There are far worse things in this world than video games. Cmon people lighten up!

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Awww shucks, now I have to wait for this sequel even longer?!

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crunchb3rry- agreed, games like manhunt, gta, killer7 need the M rating, but lesser "mature" games leave no out when something like manhunt 2 comes out except AO. the ESRB needs to change the language of its ratings to solve this problem or come up with some new middle rating between T and M

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Well Rockstar just got pwned. Hopefully they do not mess up GTA IV.

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Mr. Bojangles commented: "Do people actually believe that by prohibitng a game of such violence from being distributed that it will have an impact on crime?" To this I answer you... Yes, alot of people DO actually believe this. But, that's because alot of people are very ignorant and just want the government to give them the quick, easy answers to all of society's problems, irregardless of whether the answers are even legitimate.

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"and they really need to be pulling some sick stuff to get an AO." No...they don't. It's just the ESRB blowing things out of proportion. Like they did with Halo and Oblivion. Just finding any reason at all to give it the rating they are biased towards before they even look at the game. "Halo, that's about shooting things, right? Oblivion, swords would cause cuts...and cuts bleed, right? There's two M ratings." The first Manhunt was definitely an M rated game and when you've got the ESRB giving games that don't deserve an M rating an M rating, then the really violent games need something more than an M. Otherwise how are you going to explain to a parent why Oblivion is rated M because you kill a wolf and it leaves blood stains on the cobblestones, while Manhunt 2 is rated the same and has pure M rated content.

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Any more manhunt two stories will elevate this to truly ridiculous...

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The movie wouldn't be nationally released with an adult rating (NC-17). It would just hit small indie movie houses, I doubt the movie would be picked up by a major motion picture company if it was nc-17. However video games follow under a different genre of entertainment. YOU control the action, you do not just passively watch violence, you actively take part in violence. I honestly have to wonder though... how violent is too violent, and they really need to be pulling some sick stuff to get an AO.

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I wonder if you took out the gameplay and simply made a movie based on the manhunt story, would the movie(s) be banned?

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thats omfg excuse my vocabulary but it really is.!!!???

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"Self explanatory. You simulate murdering people in the game interactively with your gamepad. The game should be shelved forever." Simulate...really? So if I want to kill someone, all I have to do is walk up to them with my Wiimote and press buttons, as "simulated" in Manhunt 2? Please. Violent game releases have increased in the past few years while violent crime has decreased. Do people actually believe that by prohibitng a game of such violence from being distributed that it will have an impact on crime? If this were a simulator, then there would be an axe-shaped controller and we would have to take swings at enemies much like a player strums a chord in Guitar Hero...if that were the case, I could see the problem. But in no way does a game with buttons teach someone to kill more than a violent movie does.

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If you support Rockstar Games you wish to voice your outrage please sign the online petition at << LINK REMOVED >> and show the world that you support rockstar and there right to make games and that this rating is truely unfair and unjust. Thank You

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Screw the rating boards, manhunt 2 should be released. Just like they said on the HotSpot, gamespots podcast, and -still- your only audio source from the world of video game news. I'm your host rich--- wait... Anyway, why are movies like, hostel and Saw allowed, when manhunt isn't? Can somebody please -explain- to me, how pushing a few buttons makes it a -murder- simulator? I mean seriously, instead of just pressing "play" on my dvd player, can somebody tell me what the difference between that, and pressing multiple buttons on a controller, makes it a murder simulation? ps. Apart from my metabolism not dropping down considerably like it does when watching a movie or tv.....

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Id rather people killed NPCs in virtual reality than civilians in real life. People talk about influences that games have, but if you pick up a bible, well... i think we all know what bad things christians, jews and muslims have done in the past. Maybe governments should think about what their doing before banning things like this.

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Put that on the 360 and you'll at least sell one copy! Mine! I understand the business involved but Manhunt is a great game and for it to be shelved is a crime. Put a hidden unlockable code to release the full carnage. Then sell it as a "M" title. Please do something! This is "Thrill Kill" all over again, and it'll come out months later as the Wu-Tang fighting game pt, 2! and nobody wants that!! I wanna play this game!!!!

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Gamers will still stay behind the game as well anyway

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Joseph are u an american? Coz ur pretty d*mn good informed boyy! But the thing about the country sh*t aint true. Regardless of what u think ur going way over ur head. p.s. the thumb is mine ;)

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Erebus....How is this different from anything else? America is not the land of the free anymore. We are bought and paid for. Particularly our national media and the two political parties. Hell we have 200 channels owned by five companies. The ownerships of those companies are all part of the same secret societies. The sad thing is ya'll are all crying about a video game when your country is getting taken from ya at 100 miles an hour. New World Order baybee yeah.

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not officially but Sony nor Nintendo will allow it to be on their systems with an AO rating. which basicly means it is banned.

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There two end results 1) The game is canceled for the consoles and is released as is for PC and is sold only through Take Two's web-site. It becomes a cult classic 2) The game is re-edited enough to get an M rating. But as a reward for beating the game, you unlock the stuff that was originally in the game.

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Welcome to censorship, America. I would expect this kind of crap from dictatorships and monarchies, but here? I suppose a small number of wealthy executives know what's best for a billion people. I've never protested in my life, but I'm starting to think that makes me part of the problem. We're taking our liberties for granted, and that has to stop. It looks like we need to take up political arms -- this is a slippery slope that we WILL tumble town.

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You can't fight for one freedom, and deny another; no matter how 'perferted' it is. If there's a little red line under the word, it's only two clicks away to save you from being labeled uninformed. Furthermore, most people who are arguing against this game would gladly sit through a movie of equal or more-so graphic gore, blood and guts simply because it's deemed 'entertainment'. Nobody went ape when Saving Private Ryan, or Hostel came out, they simply - get this - didn't go to see it. Guess what, if you don't like it, you don't have to buy the game! It's a new concept, I know, but free will is pretty cool once you get the hang of it!

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in a way banning games or movies in the US is a infringement on the first amendment peoples right to free press and free speech. i had no intention on buying or even playing this game but i think banning or censorship in any form is wrong. and aginst the first amendment.

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i find this very sad and taking away our freedom, banning a game just because they dont like the looks is taking away our freedom if this happened with everything we would be like north korea, btw its only a video game not a killing simulator not a mental disorder its jus an entertainment system, and if the people at the ersb havent realised is that not a single law case has been won blaming a video game to lead to violence, it happened the same with heavy metals they blame everthing else exept their eviroment which is the actual cause of the upbringing

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This is my question. Why would anyone want to play a game like this?some say, its only a game, but doesn't it say something about that person?

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Chris8529, Surely if ten year olds are playing manhunt 2 (or similiar titles) then all that is called for is more stringent control over shops selling games to minors, or indeed parents buying games for their children, ten year olds can just as easily obtain AO rated games as they can 18+. This game should be released so that adults (18+) can play it if they so choose.

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SaintSadistic there is no fear.. it will come out eventually and all this is going to be just some bull, trust me on this one. We worry to much.. even as fans :Ppp