Take-Two shelves Manhunt 2

Plans to release game "temporarily suspended" while publisher continues exploring options.


In the wake of international bans and an Adults Only rating in the US, Manhunt 2 won't make its July 10 release date, Take-Two Interactive has confirmed. The game had been expected to ship that day for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo Wii.

"Take-Two Interactive Software has temporarily suspended plans to distribute Manhunt 2 for the Wii or PlayStation platforms while it reviews its options with regard to the recent decisions made by the British Board of Film Classification and Entertainment Software Rating Board," a representative told GameSpot. "We continue to stand behind this extraordinary game. We believe in freedom of creative expression, as well as responsible marketing, both of which are essential to our business of making great entertainment."

While the ESRB's initial rating of an AO for Adults Only doesn't explicitly prohibit the game from being sold, most major US retailers refuse to carry AO games, and console manufacturers prohibit their third-party publishers from releasing AO titles on their systems.

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Crash-Kart "also normaly AO is for games with sex in it so piss off and go bann movies u drunks" Sadism is considered sexual. I don't like this game to get AO, but I like even less dumbasses who talk nonsense.

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F*** the stupid ***** at ESRB the're a bunch of f****** **** b*******

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Hey people relax, your getting angry at the wrong people, the ESRB is just doing the job that they are payed to do, they don't have it in for Rockstar, only JJ does. the ones you should be mad at is the Game distrubuters. They refuse to carry AO games, and Nintendo and Sony want to pull out because they are afraid of the image they would get from overprotective parents (It's a wonder how they find out about these games anyway) . Now here is what you do, get angry at Sony, Nintendo, EB/Gamestop, Blockbuster/Rogers or whatever. And what ever you do, for the love of all things that is pure and holy in this world, DON'T GIVE THE GAMES SUSPENSION CREDIT TO JJ. I swear. the more attention we give him, the stonger he becomes and the more annoying.

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also normaly AO is for games with sex in it so piss off and go bann movies u drunks

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if these ESRB **** heads make me miss playing manhunt 2 im gonna be ****ing pissed off who ****ing cares if it has a bit of fake violence in it if pepl are stupid enough to mimik it LET THEM!!!!

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The ESRB can eat some ES EICH AI TEE.

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there needs to big a big change not only in how games are rated but by how they are percieved by the non gaming public. most non gamers still believe that games are more or less for children and teens. however the majority of gamers are aged 20 and up. video games have turned from cartoony to an artform with complex storyllines, characters and beutiful cinematic style. this is why many of the most acclaimed directors including john woo, quinton tarrentino, stephen speilberg, and george lucas are taking interest. resevior dogs or saving private ryan are certainly innapropriate for kids to watch, thats why they are rated R. they dont ban movies like they do video games. and i still see 7 year olds buying and playing games like grand theft auto san andreas with nothing to stop them. that needs to change. video games need credit where it is due.

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wow...all that hard work for NOTHING... i believe movies are pretty violent too, i mean look at saw II and that AWESOME pig gut drowning or the RACK TRAP. not to mention Hostel 2 when the guy got his 'thing' chopped off with SCISSORS! so umm you cant just like give this a M rating? 18 year olds can buy UNRATED movies, why not a rating for 18 YEAR OLDS TO BUY THE GAME???!!!!!! there's been so many laws against games, some people get sent to jail for selling to minors, so why cant they just do what they've done?

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The ESRB and BBFC have done exactly what they're supposed to do , this is a violent game and their rating shows that they don't sleep on the job. Manhunt 2 has a well deserved 18+ or AO rating. Microsoft , Sony and Nintendo are entitled to choose what games they allow on their consoles and I can accept that. If only they applied that same principle to below average overrated crap...

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This rating is like Wisconsin's law on firecrackers: you can sell them, but you can't buy 'em. Just pointless and depressing.

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I want to know if i can preorder or not

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T2 might end up releasing the uncut version on the PC and then a watered down version on the ps2 (M rating), and scrap the Wii version because of the 'physical killing' motion using the Wii mote and nunchuk. Otherwise they should just scrap the game forever.

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There is a flaw in what the representative said - you can't believe in responsibility any more. Nobody want's to be responsible for anything, most notably parents.

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I can't blame esrb, in fact what they are doing is a good thing. Atleast, it is preventing little kinds from playing games inapropriate for their age. But now us gamers cant play it. I guess the only thing for the developers to do now i tone down the gore, but then we won't be happy either. Either way, we loose. ESRB ain't changing, neither is Nintendo's and sony's policy, so the only thing left is to change the game or scrap it entirely. As far as i know, ms has the same policy and wont change it for one game (they probably would for halo). Oh and for the record, halo is my favourite game.

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A couple of observations USA: The game has not been banned. It has been given an AO rating, which means 18+ age can play it. Problem is it appears that retailers and Sony USA don't appear to support the sale of AO games. UK: The game has been banned. The rating AND SALE of games in the UK differ from the USA. In the UK a game can receive a rating of 18. The difference is that 18 games are widely sold by UK retailers and also promoted by Sony Europe. So while Manhunt 2 won't be on sale in the UK, we do get 18+ games unlike what appears to be the case in the USA.

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Who is "they" and how are "they" taking away your rights?

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Whoever's glad that Manhunt 2 got banned was probably scared sh*t when playing the original, or too scared to play the game in general. I hope Roclstar finds a way to appeal this decision, od somehow find a way for Manhunt 2 to be purchased. I mean honestly, a M rating was suffice. With an M rating, it still prevents minors from playing the freaking game!

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Isn't it nice to see how people find ways around the whole free expression thing in order to uptight jackasses. Damn ESRB! Who wants to bet the actual game content isn't the reason for the rating but instead all the complaining and conterservy by conservative morons?

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I don't really see the problem. Manhunt 2 getting an AO rating is a violation of the console manufacturer's policies. No more, no less. ESRB gives it an AO rating = no console release. Both Microsoft and Nintendo have stated in the past that AO titles will never be released on their systems. I'd assume even Sony would follow suit. Walmart has the same policies as well. Possibly every retailer as well. Point is, they have the right to withhold any product they want from their shelves because they are a private company. If that is the way they want to run their business, they can run it that way. It's not against any laws to choose not to sell AO games, or any other product for that matter. If you want to spew venom at anyone, it's the ESRB, not the companies. If Take Two wants to make some money on it, release online. Considering the number of responses to this article, I'm sure there are enough people that know about this game, or seen advertisements for it that they would buy the game in a heartbeat. AO is the equivalent of pornography to retailers. You don't see that at Walmart, do you? Games still have different standards, mainly because YOU, the player, are the one behind the wheel. Being a spectator and being an actor are two different things.

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@darthragar please name 5 games that have more gore than this game

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i believe wii needs this game to be in its library, if they refuse it its there mistake

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Manhunt is known for gore. Besides, it doesnt look really that bad. i've seen worse in other games and movies.

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HAHA The US og A have some Fuc*** up people running the country :P Who could vote that worng?

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This is complete horse****. what the hell does it matter if the game gets a AO rating? minors shouldn't be touching this game anyways! Just let the title do its thing on your system, with hardly any stores carrying the title anyways, how the hell would a kid get his hands on it? How did it get to where all the ****ing idiots get to decide what the emancipated citizens of this or ANY damn country get to play? And what the hells the difference between M and AO? a damn year? just give it the M or let it release with the AO rating you ****ing dumbtards. And viral venom, what you said IS EXACTLY WHY WE NEED THIS GAME TO RELEASE WITH AO OR M RATING!!! KIDS WONT GET IT, THERE WILL BE NO CONTROVERSY CRAP, AND WE CAN FINALLY SHOVE THAT SH!T IN THE DUMB A$$ PARENTS FACES WHO BUY THIS GAME AND COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!!!

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The ESRB should have told Take two that if the game content was similar to the first chapter of the series the rating would have been AO. I strongly belive this game is AO just because the first one was so criticized by it s brutality and the rating was just M. Even if this game is equally violent to the first one, it will still be AO. you can qoute me on this...

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this is bulls***! wats the first amendment?

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i never planed on geting manhunt 2 but that doesn't change the fact this is total bs we as free people should have the right to choose from what i've seen of the fredoms we have left in the US it's not the first amendment nor the forth the second is dam near gone as well

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No 360 version :(

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Although it may sound bad for most i think that is a good thing that take-two is doing because although there is the belief in freedom of creative expression sometimes you must know where to draw the line and from what was seen from the last manhunt they should indeed tone the violence just a bit because it will only be causing more controversy and problems for the industry on a whole and will continuously be giving it a bad name!!!

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I wouldn't get it but for all the sicko/crazies out there it should be released .... seriously could it be any worse than watching saw 2 or saw 3 ... i mean comon ....

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yeh but honestly guys its a good thing that man hunt 2 got banned, think about everybody is saved now from buying such a nasty game, probs rubbish aswell...im so glad it got F*** over. ahahah

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Ridiculous, plain ridiculous

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Right now it looks like they have only a couple of options: release it on the PC only, tone it down for the PS2 and Wii, or just drop the game altogether. I really don't think there were very many people sitting around going "Hey, I REALLY can't wait for Manhunt 2! Forget GTA IV and Halo 3, dang it!" Seriously, people, get over it. It doesn't even look good.

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People are comparing an AO rating for a game to an R rating for a movie, which really isn't accurate. An AO game rating is more like an NC-17 movie rating. M rated games and R rated movies are recommended for people over 17, but youngsters are still allowed to see them with adult supervision. AO rated games and NC-17 rated movies are absolutely restricted from those under the age of 17. Even with an adult, children aren't allowed to watch movies with an NC-17 rating. When was the last time you saw an NC-17 movie released in a movie theatre? I do find it odd, however, that it's so easy for movie producers to have unrated DVDs which show graphic violence and nudity sold in stores which claim they are aimed towards family entertainment. At best it's ignorant, at worst it's consciously hypocritical. Obviously neither one of these options are ideal. I also think it's worth mentioning that there IS a difference between watching someone commit an act of violence in a movie and controlling a person to commit the same act in a video game. In one scenario you are merely a bystander, whereas in the other, you are the person driving the action. In a video game, your character would not commit a violent murder if you didn't tell him to, first. Also, has anyone given any thought to how messed up this game must be considering it's not on next-gen software (the graphics can't be THAT realistic) and the first Manhunt only got an M rating?

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i hope this problem calms down.

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Not a good game but this is ridiculous.

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I hate how Walmart sells GTA and horror movies but then all their music CD's are censored. Don't get me wrong I'm glad they sell GTA and such! But what hypocrites. LOL! I think the world is also full of said hypocrites.

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hitomo your mistaken you do NOT i repeat do NOT have the right not to be offended if we banned everything that offended someone everything would be banned we have the right to do what we want to do islong as it doesn't harm anybody els video games don't harm anyone there for they fall under said fredom got it

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GO ESRB and console manufacturers!!

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I don't think there is a legitimate grasp on the gravity of this. Where does it end? These people just dance and sing about a "victory for parents & children" while our constitutional rights get trampled on... you know very well Rockstar/Take 2 will buckle and attempt to release the thing in a severely edited form, a total homogenized version of what it once was. I for one will not go anywhere near it... I would still purchase the AO version, however, and they should consider perhaps selling the uncut version online for those who prove age with a credit card and such. I was a fan of the first title (and have no objections to keeping the entire franchise out of the hands of children), but this has gone too far. If they win this one without a fight the next one will be easier for them, and on and on... next thing you know they will object to the color of a female character's clothing as being too "provocative and distracting." This is a very slippery slope my friends, and it should be taken very seriously.

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its like i said forbidding 3rd party titles that are rated AO its like your VCR brand saying that you cant watch some movies, :| senseless, i bet sony doesn't even care but they have to look good, if they want to look good drop the Fking price on the PS3 instead of blocking games. What is the point of blocking adult games to adults?? i understand if Sony said that this game could only be sold if a document proving the age was shown to the seller of the game but banning?? haven't you learn anything from Betamax ?? if wallmark and other US based carriers would drop it i couldn't care less because where i live stores have the common sense of selling everything, you can be 7 and buy it ,they dont care if your parents let you play it what do they have to do whit it. and our society havent exploded or collapsed in a violent apokalipse (i know manhunt is for the PS2)

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I have to laugh that a company like Walmart will not allow a game rated AO to be sold but 5 feet from the video games you can buy a movie like The Devil's Rejects Unrated edition which features full frontal nudity within the first 3 minutes, a featurette basically depicting a rape and brutal violence.. nice double standard, eh? I personally think it is ridiculous that mature adults cannot be given the option to buy a game that is rated AO because stores won't carry them. The thing I find most interesting about this article is the line that Console manufacturers prohibit AO games to be released from 3rd party publishers..

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This is pure communism and supporting censorship equals communism Boycott those filthy that support breaking american values ! Down with nitendo and its communist empire

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Speaking of Mortal Kombat, there was a similar uproar about the violence of that arcade game when it was released. The sky hasn't fallen, society hasn't crumbled and it's still a fun game after all these years.

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Wake up people! There takin away your rights! There saying that even if you are mature you can't play this game. But you can go watch a horror movie where it looks like people are actually dieing. Mortal Kombat has fatalities but its still on the market, and it's a very fun game. Please wake up?

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shelve it indefinitely, PLEASE.

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"We believe in freedom of creative expression" ... yeah, right ! than dont disturb my freedom with your perverted game in the first-place ! virtual violence IS STILL violence ... maybe just more dangerous ... like the virtual abuse and trade of child-like characters in second-live... this game is as much an expression of creativity as a pornmovie is ....

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well i kind of understand Sony's and Nintendo's ban, people are comparing this game to movies But you are forgetting unlike movies you can only play a PS2 game on a PS2 and not on a third party system unlike movie dvds where you can find 10 or more dvd players at a wa-lmart. i still want this game to come out as is. but on the PC, last part i have a friend that works at a gamestop and Adults come up with some of bloodiest games you know (GTA, gears of war, god of war) for there 11 to 14 year old kids... he tells them what is in it.. and they STILL buy it for them. parents need to start being parents and tell them "no you can't have that" i do it will my cousin all the time and it works

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except no pokemon or nintendogs for this adult PLEASE!