Take-Two reveals new games in lineup

A “significant” Xbox game from Rockstar will be coming next year, and Duke Nukem Forever is certain not to ship this year.


Take-Two recently held its quarterly earnings conference call to release some details on the status of the company and some of the upcoming games from the company's various labels, including Rockstar, Gathering of Developers, and Gotham Games. Perhaps the most interesting news to come out of the conference call came when Take-Two CEO Jeff Lapin said that Rockstar will be releasing "a significant Xbox [game]" in Q1 2004. When asked if it will be a Grand Theft Auto game, Lapin simply stated that the company would not comment on that yet. However, later in the conference, Lapin said that the previous exclusivity deal between Rockstar and Sony would not allow Grand Theft Auto games to appear on any other platforms, but that deal has since been amended. The next Grand Theft Auto game was discussed during the conference, and it was pointed out that the game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 in the second half of 2004.

Lapin went on to say that there are around 90 projects in the planning stages or currently being developed at Take-Two Interactive, with 25 of those games being published under the Rockstar label, 40 under the Gathering of Developers label, and 25 under the Gotham Games label. He also mentioned that one or more of the games in development under the Gathering label will utilize the Halo engine.

As for Duke Nukem Forever, the game will not make it out this year. "We wrote it down last quarter substantially, so we've generally already pulled the plug," Lapin said. "We’re hopeful that the team in Dallas will finish the project."

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